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A summer budget builder - x5650

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Hey everybody i would like to introduce myself,

I'm a sit back and relax kind of guy who decided that he had too much time on his time being wasted away, so my plans for this summer is to build my very first build and with a budget.
currently my parts list looks like this:

CPU: XEON X5650 w/ Hyper 212 Evo as a cooler
GPU: HD7970
MOBO: not clear yet, still looking for one in the budget (all so expensive aha)
RAM - 8gb ddr3
PSU- please let me know if i should use a 600 or a 700w for this build
and a 1TB barracuda HDD

and I'm interested in learning the terms in BIOS and eventually learn how to overclock, if anyone is willing to guide me from the very beginning on instructions and guide, that would be really helpful!, but anyways i am glad to have joined this community:)
(LATE, but atleast i joined:p)
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Welcome to OCN!

If you haven't already check the big X58/Xeon threads:


List of known compatible motherboards: http://www.overclock-and-game.com/hardware/computer-tech-reviews/28-x5660-review?showall=&start=9

I would caution against the Hyper 212 if you hope for a decent overclock. While the 212 was the best bargain cooler of the 2012 era, like many direct touch coolers, it fails at higher overclocks. Much better sub $50 alternatives in 2016 are:
Scythe Fuma
Cryorig H5
Scythe Ninja 4

Would also suggest a 240GB SSD as the boot drive - still way faster on SATAII ports than a spinner. Just blew your budget a bit. You're welcome. biggrin.gif
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