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Does this keyboard exist?

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Hi. This is sort-of a reposting of a previous thread, but I think I may have found a less confusing way of asking the question. I want a keyboard with the following features:

-illuminated keys
-dedicated media keys
-the ability to be re-arranged into Dvorak configuration, and to stay in that configuration without needing a driver or a modification of the windows settings. This might be done via hard-wiring or by locally-stored key assignments or by something that I haven't yet heard of.

I got the Corsair K-70 to fill this role, but I've found that it can't hold macros or assignments onboard despite it's processor, and I'been unhappy with it's lighting.

Any help is appreciated,
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The CODE keyboards from WASD Keyboards have backlighting and Dvorak in hardware, but not dedicated media keys.
I think switching to Dvorak is through a DIP switch on the bottom of the keyboard.
Media keys are on combinations with the Fn key.
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