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Hi everybody,

I read most of the entries related to LGA771 socket Xeons modding. Some days ago, I acquired an already modded (comes with the sticker and the notches modified to fit my LGA775 socket without further modifications) L5335 Xeon but I can't get it to work.

I have an ASUS p5kpl/1600 mobo, so the first thing I did was to modify my current BIOS (AMI v. 0512) with the three microcode files which came in the Xeon microcode zip file and then flashed it.

My system boots to BIOS and correct information about the Xeon processor is displayed as well, but computer does not boot. It displays this message :

"BIOS update recommended.
To unleash this CPU's full power, please perform BIOS update process.
Press any key to continue"

Any idea on how to solve this? my mobo is a G31/ICH7 so it should work with all Xeons, isn't it?

Some screen grabs. Don't know if they could be helpful :

20160610_195712.jpg 2490k .jpg file
20160610_195528.jpg 1934k .jpg file

Thanks everybody in advance,

Kind regards,

Manel (beltrixx).
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