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Intriguing issues. Please help?

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Hi there,
So I have had my pc for about 4 years now and it has ran without issues. But recently all hell broke loose.
Tw issue I was finding was that about 50% of the time I booted my pc it would boot fine, the other 50% one of my cores on my cpu would be running at 100% usage and the pc would lag. So first thing I thought to do was to remove the CPU, and put it back in and re add the heatsync. Still had the issue.
My next thought was maybe I had a very intricate virus so I decided to reinstall windows. Everything was working fine. So I started installing my drivers and that went well, so I rebooted to confirm the changes. Then all of my mouse and keyboard didn't work. So I restarted my pc and ran it in safe mode. Still got the issue with no keyboard and mouse. So I unplugged my Ethernet cable and ran in safe mode again and everything worked fine! Great!
Then I tried to run another driver install but as I double clicked beeeeeeeep. I got a long continuous beep and my pc froze.
So I tried a hard reset, unplugging my power cable and holding the power button down. Rebooted and it booted okay. Decided to start windows normally and see how that went. But my mouse and keyboard still didn't work. So I tried unplugging the USB port and plugging it back in to encourage a driver install but all I got was a beep and a crash again.
This Is basically as far as I have got. I recon either my cpu is broke or my motherboard. Or I have some Heck of a virus. Any help people?

Intel i5 4670k
8gb ram
Amd sapphire radeon dualx r9 270x
Gigabyte z87-hd3
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Hmm that does seem strange, and could point to southbridge issues on the motherboard, but there's a couple of ideas you can check first.

1) The BIOS Battery. These do run down, and can cause weird issues. So i'd suggest changing the battery on the motherboard, reset your Bios chip, and re-enter all your settings. 4 years puts you in the timeframe for this.

2) Run a memory test. http://www.memtest86.com/ Memory issues do happen, and can cause all sorts of weird crap.

3) when you reinstalled windows, did you do a full format, or quick format? Any nasties usually need a full format to make sure they are gone. if you try another reinstall, delete the partition, then create a new one, then FULL format. That should pretty much leave no hiding room for any virus, apart from the HDD boot sector.

4) if that fails, try removing the motherboard. check there's not a build up of dust underneath which could cause tracking to the case. Use a soft paintbrush 1"-2" in size, to dust off both sides of the board and the case. Reinstall and try again. Its surprising what dust can do to a machine.
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If it's beeping sounds like it's a memory issue. What are your timings? Did you oc your memory?
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Okay so update, just changed the batter in the motherboard. Makes no difference.

The only issue u am having now is that whenever I plug in my Ethernet cable my keyboard and mouse stop working.
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Hmmm, that might be an interrupt conflict of some sort. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of settings in your BIOS though. I would have expected something under the peripherals section of your bios. Things you can try there, , make sure xHCI is set to Auto (not Smart auto), enable legacy USB support, make sure the intel smart connect technology is disabled, and maybe grab a screenshot of the LAN card config under Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller sub menu.

Maybe try your keyb/mouse in different USB ports?
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Firstly thanks for all the help guys! really appreciate it!
Okay so another update,
xHCI Was set to smart auto so i changed that to auto
Got all my drivers done. Running normally. Mouse working and keyboard and everything so i plugged in my ethernet cable and BEEEEEP. Crash!
HOWEVER, i left the ethernet cable in and rebooted my pc and viola. Internet connected, mouse and keyboard working!
So i appear to be completely fixed thanks for all the help once again! Lets just hope that it remains this way.
If i am wrong in thinking im fixed i shall return to post my issues.

Thanks again again
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Final issue i need to fix, the usb port on the top of my case (i have an nzxt phantom) isnt working but it was working before the re-install. No power is going through it and also it isnt detecting anything when i plug into it.
Any suggestions? thanks.
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the case USB is probably a wiring issue, Double check the internal wiring is connected properly to the motherboard header, and if it has a connector on a PCB at the USB port side, check that too. It's probably a plug pulled half out with all the fiddling. Failing that, try it in another header on the motherboard. If it's a USB3.0 header, it may be you need to install the USB3.0 driver. all things to check. :-)
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If It does not turn out to be the USB header I would seriously start suspecting the PSU.
Often when PSU is starting to fail you end up having all kinds of random issues like this including USB issues.
I had a friend who a few months ago had most of these symptoms that kept getting worse and when he finally did check his PSU it turned out that the 6 pin psu connection on the mobo had turned black and started melting due to PSU/bad connection.
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