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Good evening.

I've been having mouse lags/input lag/vsync feeling for over 5 months and it's been driving me crazy. I've replaced literally everything in my PC and I'm still having mouse lags.

I've been suspecting the motherboard is faulty because the audio is quite low for an alc1150 chip, but I find it to be a quite slim chance that I'd have terrible mouse feelings across three different mobos, although the lag differs from one to the other I'm not really sure if it's the same lag or not, a new CPU/mobo have changed the feeling but I still feel this inconsistency and lag where the mouse just doesn't feel powers enough to follow my moves. Yea I've tried thousands of different mice.

So now that the monitor is the only thing I haven't tried to change, I'm suspecting it. So how do I test it? So far I just changed from 144hz to 60hz and everything felt immediately TERRIBLE, I'm talking pure lags. Shouldn't 60hz only affect refresh rate moving it from side to side? For me it feels like it enabled vsync aswell compared to 144.

I don't have access to a second monitor right now to test, so would appreciate ways of testing this.