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NZXT H440 Customization :-/

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Hey guys,

I wanted to come out of my shell and see if anyone is doing something similar to me, I have seen it done before, however I have my own spin on things, and money is definitely an object as i am completely broke. Most of the parts in my system are gifts and the parts that are not gifts are things that i bought on crazy sale for money i made selling my old stuff.

Some background, lost all my **** a few years ago in a terrible accident, and now owe over 10 million in medical bills, WELL over 10 million. Now some people might be asking why the insane ******* build. Unfortunately prior to my accident I had two expensive hobbies, cars, and computers. After spending quite sometime depressed,m decided to do something i love and started working on a build. Most of these parts are like a year old as this is my main rig and the progress is going snail slow. I do want to speed the rest of it up though.

What i wanted to show:
Well recently I have been working on some templates to fill in the space where most of the 3.5 inch HDD go. Since i will no be using that space for hard drives and I took out all the bays and put a 360mm rad in the front, i decided to show it off and removed a few rivets ( if you want to know more just let me know and i can go into detail), and that panel in the front came out. Now to make the window bigger, i actually have everything to make it bigger just need to find the time to do it, as I will be doing it a bit different than I have seen some people do it. I like a nice stock look so its a lot of time invested into templates, routing, sanding, etc. Basically i want the new window to be routed and sit above the metal as the stock plexi sits.

If anyone has any questions or needs any help with anything shoot me a PM, I should have a couple extras lying around when I am done.

Lastly, if anyone would be able to help me hard line the AIO I have that would be amazing. I just need to bite the bullet and sell something else and buy a waterblock for my video card as its pointless to have a 360 for the CPU.

please mind the cables in the PC, i know they are not properly managed, but the cables are so expensive!!!!!! I need to sleeve mine myself, if someone could lend me tools that would be amazing, doubt that would happen though.

lastly this is my main rig, i use it daily and use it a lot, not really for gaming but occasionally i play.


Lets start with the rig, sorry for the lack of panels and **** cable management again

these are the areas that i am making custom panels for, again right now its not too clean as i am always taking it apart and putting it back together and making small adjustments for the templates:

I have been experimenting with many different types of materials and have a lot of blank templates with a small cutout for the rivet at the bottom, i plan on using the stock screw holes for the 3.5 inch drives. initially i was thinking of making the blanking plate out of aluminum but I think i changed my mind. the 1/8 inch mdf is an awesome start and i think i may have one with some custom art on it.

Photos of milk plexi, as you can see i have some with an edge made with a router and some without:

this one is double taped to a piece of mdf to insure safety when routing it

mdf removed

now for the side piece that will go on to block of the psu shroud im not 100% sure what to do, above you may have seen a smaller rectangle out of plexi, i was thinking of doing that or getting a 1/2 inch piece and routing it to cover where the bolt goes. Still not sure what i will do may end up making it just black. These 2 pieces can be altered to fit quite well:

And finally you probably saw my gpu sag, and until i get my water block and hardlines i was thinking of using:

made that myself with 3 small pieces of milk plexi.

if you have any questions please feel free to ask, if you can help me in anyway with the hard lines for the loop, or custom sleeving i would be forever in debt to you, and if you can help with those and are interested in doing the same with milk or clear plexi maybe we could trade. I will show more photos of the window when i take photos. All i need to do is cut the door and i should be set as i have the clear plexi, well i would need to route that piece to get it looking stock as well.

Thanks for reading
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Update, well i got the plexi finished for the door and doing some test fitting what do you guys think? Excuse the dirty plexi when clean it is quite clear.

Also as mentioned before i wanted to do it as clean as possible so here is the step down

Excuse the blue tape inside had to cover the water cooling pipes as they have metal and tend to scratch plexi

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