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Here is my rig.

I spent all day overclocking and learning a lot, but I am stuck. The only way I can get my RAM speed and have a decent overclock past default and optimization settings is increasing my CPU Strap by 125MHz which automatically puts Base Clock to 125. I tried to put the Base clock to 101 to get a DRAM frequency that I was comfortable with and be able to increase my CPU ratio to 45 to begin. But every time I mess with base clock, CPU Strap, or DRAM frequencies I get a "bd" error code, or a "bb" error code, or a "6f" error code. And I either have to press Mem Ok! or reset CMOS. For more information and to contact me better, my instagram @dylandorsey70

Nothing that I have set is optimized for fine tuned over clock. Everything set seems to startup and stay in average temps. my voltages are not fine tuned either. I truly need help I don't know what I am doing.

\/ This pic is blurry but my core ratio is 36 and my min and max Cache ratio is 24

Just a bad pic of my system

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