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I have been in a nightmare loop of BSOD and Freezing issues every fresh install of windows that I try.

I just recently did another fresh install of windows to try and fix this problem I am having with my computer BSOD and freezing. Everything goes fine.. windows update does every update, then I install the MB drivers for the Rampage IV Extreme. That is where I start to get issues, the SATA/USB Bluetooth, LAN and Audio all download just fine but when I attempt to install the chipset I get the error "Your system does not meet the minimum requirements to install the software" So then I tried downloading an older version of the chipset drivers just to see. Everything installed fine with the older drivers, all from the ASUS website. I thought everything would be fine, but after I begin installing my games or whatever for the PC I get a BSOD or the PC just freezes.

I do believe it is not having the correct Intel drivers, but I can not get the newest ones to install.

Also, now when I run the setup for the Intel MEI Drivers I get:

Error Code: -5009 : 0x8000ffff
Error Information:
>Kernel\IScriptWrapper.cpp (20)
>Kernel\ObjectWrapper.cpp (162)
>Kernel\ObjectWrapper.cpp (557)
>Kernel\Component.cpp (1179)
>Kernel\CABFile.cpp (429)
>SetupNew\SetupDLL.cpp (1098)
pAPP:Intel(R) Installation Framework
@Windows XP Service Pack 1 (7601) BT_OTHER 329.0

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated so much.

Rampage IV Extreme
GTX 980 Ti
16gb DDR3 Corsair dominator platinum
Platimax 1350w