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Installing "BeQuiet DR Advanced C1" into "LianLi V-1000"; Will it fit? [BACKPLATE]

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Hey Folks, I want to install a "BeQuiet Dark Rock Advanced C1" Heatsink into my "LianLi V-1000 Plus".
I am concerned about the Backplate of the Bequiet Heatsink because the V-1000 does not have a hole in its Motherboard Tray like others nowadays.
Does anyone know if it will fit or do I have to cut a hole in the Motherboard Tray by myself?

Thanks in advance!
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To be sure you know what I mean:

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It should if the motherboard standoffs are installed between the board and the tray itself.
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This cooler is not a good choice for this case. Its mounting system is unusual. The cooler is fastened onto the CPU socket by working on the screws from the back-side of the motherboard. This means you cannot remove and reattach the cooler in the future without removing the whole motherboard every single time.

You should look at a different cooler with a different mounting system. The typical cooler mounting system has a backplate that will be installed on the back-side of the motherboard, but after this is done, you will not have to work from the back ever again. This means you will have to remove the motherboard from this case only once, when you first install the cooler's mounting system. In the future, when you want to work on the CPU and the cooler, you will be able to remove and reattach the cooler from the front without needing that hole in the case's motherboard tray that you worry about.

If you don't understand what I'm talking about, look up information about how the BeQuiet coolers are installed and how something from for example Noctua or Phanteks or Thermalright or Cryorig is installed. There should for example be videos on Youtube that show how the a Dark Rock cooler gets installed.
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Indeed, be quiet! coolers mount from behind the motherboard.
But so what? Once mounted and functioning properly there is no need to remove them, therefor no need to remove motherboard.
But if you need access to the mounting screws, all that is needed is for holes to be drilled in the motherboard tray to access them. I would suggest drilling large holes simple because the will probably help with airflow behind the motherboard.

I'm sure @ciarlatano will be along soon. He has more experience with be quiet! coolers than I do.
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