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The In Win Chopin is mini-ITX chassis that was designed for HTPCs, Steam system or for office settings/general use. It's small enough to be placed just about anywhere, and can be hidden if desired. Though, this little beauty is definitely something that was meant to be displayed. biggrin.gif

The 4mm thick brushed aluminum on the Chopin is so sleek and beautiful! Considering that this chassis doesn't take too much space, it could definitely be a display piece too. tongue.gif Best of all, the Chopin was designed to be versatile in placement; so you can stand it up or lay it flat.

Airflow isn't much of a problem in this case. The top section has a ventilated cutout, and is accompanied with a ventilated side panel.

The Chopin comes with a removable 80+ Bronze power supply.

You can also customize your IO strip to any of the colors you see above. The bezels are included!

Currently, the Chopin is only available in black in the U.S., and MSRPs for about $89. For more information regarding the Chopin, please visit our official website.