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Originally Posted by Shiftstealth View Post

I thought you needed to boost CPU PLL up to like 1.7-1.8?

Previous motherboard had it tweaked lower to reduce heat (had read it years ago and it worked and seemed stable)
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Originally Posted by Shaded War View Post

1.25 volts for 5Ghz seems way out of the ordinary to me. I sit at 1.23v for 4.5 Ghz and theres no way were getting to 5Ghz on another .02 volts.

Most likely your old motherboard didn't output the correct voltage from what the sensors and settings are indicating. I'v seen plenty of people switch from Asrock motherboards to Asus and they had to significantly raise the voltage settings to achieve the same overclock. When in reality, their Asrock bord was putting out way more voltage than it should have. Asus boards in my experience are very tight when it comes to voltage regulation.

Have you checked your Vdroop to calibrate the LLC properly? I know on my Asus z77 board I had to raise it a decent amount then it was a stable .003 volts deviation. On other Asus boards, they were out of the box regulating voltage within .002 volts without any LLC.

You can also go in the bios and check the PSUs output to see how close the voltage tolerances are to spec. If there is allot of fluctuation, you can expect some instability when you really try to push things. Corsair uses a mixed bag of PSU manufacturers on their products, so quality can range from outstanding, to absolute crap.

I was not trying to get 5Ghz @ 1.25 volts, I took it up to 1.4v and tried for 4.8 and 4.9 and could not boot into windows.

Based on my understanding I don't appear to have a Vdroop, infact I am 0.02v+/- over settings in BIOS.
LLC is set to extreme (thanks for the reminder), still unable to crack 4.8ghz.

x47 Multiplier (Turbo enabled vs constant)
47x 99.99 Frequency
VID 1.2109
Volts 1.30 - 1.384 underload (returned to offset)

Temp range from 39c - 75c under load, but I just re-applied the thermal paste so it has not stabilized yet.
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Was getting some errors with Prime95 so reset and started again.

Still stuck at x45 multipler, would love some additional suggestions.
Here is a breakdown of what I have selected / enabled.



BCLK/PEG Frequency: 101.0

Profile 1

Turbo: 45

Internal PLL Over voltage Enable

CPU Bus Auto

EPU Power Saving Disabled

CPU Voltage: Manual 1.250 (1.268v)

DRAM Voltage: 1.510 (1.517v)

VCCSA Voltage: Auto (1.059v)

VCCIO Voltage: Auto (1.816V(

CPU PPL Voltage: Auto

Power Management

CPU Ratio : 45

Enhanced Intel Speedstep: Enabled

DIGI+ Power Control

CPU Load-Line Calibration: Extreme

CPU Voltage: Auto

VRM Spread Spectrum: ENable

CPU Power Phase Control: Auto

CPU Power Duty Control: T.Probe

CPU Current Capability: 140%

CPU Power Thermal Control: 130

CPU Power Response Control: Auto

DRAM Current Capability: 100%

DRAM Voltage Frequency: Auto

DRAM Power Phase Control: Auto

DRAM Power Thermal Control: 110

CPU Power Management Configuration:

CPU Ratio: 45

Enhanced Intel Speedstep: Enabled

CPU C1E: Disabled

CPU C3 Report: Disabled

CPU C6 Report: Disabled

Package C State Support: Disable
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Bump, still looking for suggestions

been tweaking voltage lower, down to 1.21, had one WHEA error but OC to 45 seems stable
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Try following the link below. Currently rocking i7 3770K at 4.78 GHz, close to 4.8 but not there at 1.45V pushing this up to 100c temps with it watercooled on an Asus Sabertooth Z77 mobo. This is at my own risk though.

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Thanks, ended up switching motherboards to a GA-z77x-UP7 and have been able to hit 4.6 at about 60c under load.
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