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I figured I would post this for others to see that may be interested.

So, I was ordering / trying to decide what to order for my next build. Bouncing back and forth from computer hardware to monitors. Taking a break from deciding on hardware, I decided to find my display.

Trying to stay under $200 is easy, but deciding what monitor to get is hard. There are thousands of 1080P monitors in this price range. I looked at soo many and read soo many reviews. I was thorougly annoyed. Then, I came across this. An LG 25" 2560x1080 with over 99% srgb that is 60hz but easily overclockable to 75hz. The reviews were generally good, many stating no dead pixels. I figured I couldnt go wrong with this, as I was getting a lot for $150!

Now, I have never owned a 21:9 display before. That actually played a part in my ordering it, as I am always down for something new. (New to me) I hope I like it!