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I narrowed it down to 2 monitors, I basically need HDMI and Display port since I play PC and PS4/Xbox One games and I don't wanna complicate things since Displayport/HDMI converters sometimes don't work on consoles. I want a 27 inch monitor because I had a 24 inch BenQ monitor before so I would prefer something larger this time considering I have played games on a 50 inch 22ms input lag 60hz Sony W800b TV PC games and console for 1.5 years now.

Here are the monitors. The 27 inch version of this monitor isn't in North America at all, I can only find it in Europe.

I would prefer buying the Acer Predator since it has GSync but the 27 inch version is only avaliable in Europe now, this site does Internal shipping but I contacted their support and the total price for it will be 805$ CAD, practically double the price of the AOC monitor.

Why does the AOC monitor say Contrast Ratio
50,000,000:1 contrast

The Acer only has - Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 (Typ)
- Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000 So would the AOC monitor be brighter and have better picture quality?

I guess it mostly comes down to if GSync is worth it or not, I really wanted to try GSync. The only game I play that I notice screen tearing in some areas is Star Trek Online, all the other main multiplayer/mmo games on PC I play, I don't notice any. Still, I could play a game in the future and notice screen tearing.

What would you reccommened I buy? Price is not an issue for me but if I did get the AOC I will still have 370$ left over, if I get the Acer then I will have 20$ left over.