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So I just bought myself a LG 25UM57-P monitor. When I connect it to my laptop, Dell Inspiron 7720 SE, via HDMI it flashes black at random intervals. It is almost like it is losing connection and then reconnects.

So I did the following to try and figure what the cause is, I used the same HDMI cable everytime:

  1. I connected another display, VGA, and it works perfectly.
  2. I connected the LG monitor to another laptop via HDMI and it worked perfectly.
  3. I connected the LG monitor in place of my normal TV, again via HDMI, and watched some shows on it, it worked perfectly.
  4. I connected my Samsung TV to my laptop and it also caused weird visual anomalies and flashed black.
  5. Finally I formatted my laptop and did a fresh install of Windows 10 and the same problem still occurs.

Video of what happens

So does anyone have an idea what may be causing this? I suspect it may be a hadware failure of some sort on my laptop, maybe the HDMI port itself. I should also note that this is the first time that I used the laptop's HDMI port.