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hd600, 650, 700

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Hi everyone, I have a sound blaster Z in my pc and have been using g4me zeros. I'm going to sell them and wanted to upgrade to full open ear headphones

I'm gaming and want open ear for directional audio cause I noticed closed ear is 2x worse at that. I also listen to music but wouldn't call myself an audiophile or audio expert. I checked the most recommended thread but this is what I'm looking at the 600/700/650

For those who have used what do you recommend? Which one would be best for games and provide quality for things like music. Or if you think for those price ranges something else might be better I'd appreciate it
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What type of music do you listen to? if you have a HiFi shop around i would highly recommend demoing these headphones before you plop down $300+ on headphones that don't jive with you.

also SBX on your soundcard does a pretty good job with directional audio.
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I disabled all those filters because they muffled sounds and only improved positional in certain things

Open ear will solve the positional problem I know that. I'll have to check out Google but I've never seen a high end headphone store.

I'm reading tons of reviews and many people say the 600 is great and neutral. I'm no audio maniac so I believe I'd be satisfied with any of the above. Hope to see more comments and I'll let you know if I find a brick mortar with headphones
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