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I need a UPS, will tend to use it for 1 workstation (for now).

Budget is up to 400 eur, 1500VA-3000VA

Though Wattage doesn't need to be that hight compared to VA, but I would like to have some headroom for longer work on batery and batery capacity loss over time and potencially more render nodes in the future.

I have found 5 options:

1. APC Power Saving Back-UPS Pro 1500VA (FR) 305 eur

2. UPS Energenie-Gembird RACK 19'' 3.4U,2000VA,Pure Sine 294 eur

3. UPS Energenie-Gembird RACK 19'' 3.4U,3000VA,Pure Sine 388 eur

4. UPS Energenie by Gembird 3000VA, Pure sine 280 eur

5. Cyber Power UPS CP1300EPFCLCD DE 780W (Schuko) 241 eur

I know what most UPS specs means, so I don't need advice on specs, I need advice on this issues:

1 model is solid, but I'm guesing its old model due to lack of stock and low price as its APC, tho batteries should be solid cos of manufacturer good name.

2, 3 and 4 models are manufactured by Gembird, as I found they are Netherlands based company (products made in China), but I really dought they have solid products, especially good quality bateries due to lack of information and reviews on their products, even their specs isn't indepth. From price point their products are very atractive (improves my opinion on low quality products). I might be wrong, so I really need advice from person who had their products.

5 Cyber Power seems to be prety solid quality stuff and look nice, fair price aswell - any opinion about them are welcome aswell, tho I have to find more powerfull UPS that I listed here.

So, what would You pick and why?

I might be not so specific, I'll try to improve my quastions as thread grows, but please post only if You have experiance on UPS, if You have personal note or quastion shot me a PM - no need to go outside of the topic smile.gif.