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Keyboard Buttons Glitchy. Please assist!

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Hi guys!

Having a huge issue with my gaming keyboard! Please help if ya can, it d be amazing!

So thing is, I can't use my keys for more than a few seconds, or rather, I can, but my games get kinda glitchy. As an example, in overwatch, whenever I sprint with the soldier, he ll run for a few seconds and afterwards he ll lock up and be locked between running and walking with a weird sound coming from the speakers.

Alternatively if I were to press tab to see the score card, and keep it pressed, after 3-4 seconds of keeping it pressed the score screen will flicker in quick succession. In some games where movement is associated with sound, the same thing after couple of seconds the audio will sound glitchy. There's definitely an issue with the keyboard when keeping buttons pressed.

Any ideas?

P. S. : I ve gone in ease of access and unchecked all the keyboard functions!

Thanks guys and gals! Please help! Desperate!
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Keyboard repeat rate is way too high (not to be confused with usb polling rate). It can be adjusted in bios, windows control panel, and probably with your gaming keyboard (the software or a some function key combination).

What keyboard do you have?
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I did some early fumbling about, and I think you 're right.

But why would this change when changing keyboards? And why would games be affected? It seems like with this keyboard, repeated button holding translates into new key inputs?
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Review by D. Hammond mentions the same issue you are having.

Try FN+F11 or FN+Q to change the character per second repeat rate.
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