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For Sale:
i7 5960X 4.7GHz Silicon Lottery Bin

Will Ship To: NA, CA, US48

Hello OCN,

I have up for sale a lightly used Silicon Lottery 4.7GHz binned 5960X cpu, was purchased for $1425 USD. It was only used in an air bench to POST test. CPU is like new, and less than a month old. Silicon Lottery has confirmed it's eligible for the Intel Tuning Plan. Batch # J607

Decided to order a new Rampage V Edition 10, therefore, CPU was never used past the post test. I will keep the CPU if it's not sold by the time the new REV10's come in stock. Pics will be posted in 4 hours from this post.

Comes with retail box + Silicon Lottery certificate

Price: $1400 shipped