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Hey all,

I've been using a modded bios for roughly a month now on my two 980 Ti's (reference but with EVGA's hydro kit added).

It seemed to be perfectly stable - with no isses, however, that seems to of all changed today.

I did perform a case clean yesterday, which I can only put down to coincidence currently as I didn't make any hardware changes and everythings still where it should be...

The OC is a base of 1202 and boosts to ~1404 - where it stays happily.

However, during my sessions tonight, after a prolonged period (game tonight was the divison, currently running Valley to test) - I start seeing green pixellation, which develops into severe green flickering.

Any Ideas why? (currently back to a non-modded bios to test).

The bios I was using is:!k58yCICa!uTNcgwIRaSPTywy2--E2UCRB18Z9Q1sT8OcowtAa-rY