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Network Registry Questions

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Sorry if this is the incorrect section for this. I've actually posed this question on TWO other forum sites and have yet to get an answer. Hopefully the smarties at OC can help me, lol. tongue.gif

I was hoping to get an in-depth response to a couple of questions I've been meaning to ask for a while now, but so far, I've yet to find anyone who knows more about this subject than I do (which is pretty much nothing).

So, I've heard in the past that you can improve your network latency in most online games by editing your registry in such a way. Minecraft, for example, is a game rumored to be improved by adding these two DWORDs, basically undoing "Nagle's Algorithm". I say "rumored" because some people claim that this actually does nothing for your online games, and that everybody is simply feeling a placebo. So far, I haven't been able to actually find anyone who knows.

I also downloaded this .reg.txt file recently that is supposed to auto-install these settings into your registry. Some people of the Minecraft PvP community have been passing this around, and apparently, it's supposed to improve your connection and make your game overall smoother. On some servers, it's even considered cheating. I would love it someone who knows a bit about the Registry could explain to me what each of these settings mean and what they do to your computer.

Someone also told me that improvements to your network connection speed using the Registry come at the price of lowering the lifespan of your computer! I definitely don't want that to happen. D:
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Everything in networking is a trade off, and modifying the defaults without a complete understanding of your network stack and route can lead to issues such as increased bandwidth usage or decreased stability. Generally these changes will not change the lifespan of components, but can make everything using the network much more unreliable.

What you have does this:
  • Turns on TCPNoDelay (Stops windows from combing several small packets into 1 which adds a small amount of latency to small packets)
  • Adjusts TcpDelAckTicks timeout to 0. Normally windows waits 2ms to ack a series of packets. 0 makes it ack every other segment.
  • Sets TcpMaxDataRetransmissions to 3. Normally windows will try 5 times to send a packet. Just makes it faster to get disconnected/desynced from a server
  • Setting SackOpts to its default (enabled). Only disabled to increase compatibility with old networking gear/hosts
  • Increases TcpWindowSize. This is how many packets can be sent before a ACK is needed. Completely useless and potentially harmful as Automatic Window Scaling is enabled by setting Tcp1323Opts to 3
  • Sets Tcp1323Opts to 3. Enables automatic TcpWindowSize calculation
  • Decreases DefaultTTL to 40. Decreasing this pretty much only decreases the stability of a connection
  • Sets EnablePMTUBHDetect to default value of 0 (disabled). Only needed to be enabled for detecting badly behaving routers
  • Sets EnablePMTUDiscovery to default value of 1. This is MTU (packet size) autodiscovery
  • Sets GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize. Useless as its overridden by TcpWindowSize which is also useless because Tcp1323Opts is set to 3 (autodiscover window size)

Basically, it might slightly decrease latency (by a few ms) at the cost of increased bandwidth usage and decreased connection stability. In my opinion these changes will only make things worse, rather than better as everything between your computer and the minecraft (or other server) host will make more of a difference. The modification of settings that are overridden by other setting changes demonstrates a lack of knowledge of what is being tweeked, so I would stay clear of it.
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Thanks a lot for your post! I'm glad I could get this cleared up. smile.gif
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