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I've been on the fence on whether or not to the Razor Deathstalker Ultimate or the Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.7. I have a Logitech G19 which is pretty dated and is no longer really supported.

Obviously, I want a keyboard that has features for gaming. Due to my disability that somewhat limits my movement, a keyboard with macros is quite helpful. Both the Razor and Mad Cats keyboards have features I like. The Razor's ability to add icons depicting weapon choice, for example, seems great. The web browser also seems interesting (if it's accessible while in games). The Mad Cats keyboard has a few features I like as well. A notepad for taking notes while in a game, for example, would be beneficial.

I'm wondering which of these keyboards works well under Windows 10? Also, how is the support for each of these keyboards from the company's and/or tenant user groups? Which of the two (if any) continues to support new games? Alternatively, are there any newer gaming keyboards on the market that would offer a number of the features that my present keyboard or the two I list offer as for as a screen for additional in-game info?

Thanks in advance for your comments and/or recommendations. smile.gif