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Lefty looking for something new.

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1. What's your grip style?
Palm, not really that important have changed over the years.

2. What's your sensitivity?
I'd say low.

3. What's your maximum budget?
Pretty high, I would really like to avoid paying $150 for a G900 though.

4. Do you want additional buttons?
I need 2 side buttons on the right side.

5. What games do you play?
CSGO Mostly. No Mobas or anything.

6. Do you mind about prediction?
I have no idea.

7. Other relevant information:
Input anything else you want.
some examples: LOD, ambidextrous shape, weight, wireless, non-braided cord, glossy finish, button activation force, driverless, onboard memory, etc
I am left handed and need two thumb buttons on the side.

Currently I've used CM Storm Recon, Deathadder Left Hand Edition, Sensei 62150, Zowie ZA11.
The Recon was nice except I didn't enjoy the shape. The Deathadder didn't have very good tracking, the mouse wheel was also terrible. The Sensei had decent tracking and a decent mouse wheel, just looking for something new. The ZA11 which I'm currently using has good tracking, I like the harder clicks, and it feels nice but the left and right click switching when you enable the right side mouse buttons is just awful and the mouse wheel is junky.
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Probably going to need to settle for an ambidextrous mouse. Lefties are given a very hard time when it comes to ergonomic mice.

Since you're a palm grip, maybe something long like the Cougar 450M?
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I don't mind ambidextrous mice. I really do hate when something is advertised as ambi but then it only have side buttons for righties. I'm still salty about Finalmouse. Are there any mice other than the Cougar? I couple I've been shown were an EVGA Torq X5 and Mionix AVIOR 7000 but I'm a little worried they won't be worth buying over my ZA11.
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