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Most of the guides out there are for Ci7 quad core chips with slower RAM on MB that support slower RAM.

My chip is hex core, which I assume makes it harder to OC (more cores means more heat on one die, right?).

4 ghz at 2.4 ghz ram speed seem unreasonable? The latter number is the max for my MB and it's also the speed of my ram.

I have a noctua HSF, so I should be able to push it somewhat.

Also, how much do you guys drop ram speed to increase CPU speed?

e.g. Let's say I max out at 4.2ghz when @ 1800 mhz ram speed. Would you increase CPU 200 mhz if it meant dropping ram down 400 mhz to 1400?

This also brings up the question of pure ram speed vs BLK speed. I assume you'd rather get 1600 mhz at 200 x 8 than the same at 160 x 10, right?

I was wondering if anyone who had/has a chip/mb combo similar to mine could tell me what to shoot for, conservatively. I'm not looking to set the world or my mb on fire.

I know LGA1366 is old hat, but I find it plenty fast, and it might be the fastest per $.
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