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Hey there!

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Hey there everyone!

My names Ryan, co-founder of the super-small pc retailer: PC Unity.

I knew about Overclock.net for a while, but never checked it out much, but now being part of a pc retailer company, its good to check it for extra news/tips.

I enjoy playing games, developing small ones for GameJolt, and also, as you would've guessed: Building gaming rigs.

PC Unity is a super-small pc retailer that I am proud to be a co-founder of, we work with building pc's or repairing any hardware and software problems with pc's. For building pc's, we do gaming, and family computers. We also are proud to be the first pc retailing company in the UK's AVON & Somerset area, to actually accept computer hardware pieces or full rigs that you no longer want. If you have a really old computer lying around somewhere, and you know its not worth much, we'll take it off your hands for a price you want to name. (Within reason)

The reason we do this is to allow us to get rigs or components to mess around with, and see what new things we can experiment with, to make our builds better than ever.

I hope to help people with info on these forums, and also hope to learn something new while doing so.
Without further ado, see you all soon!

--PC Unity
Add me on Steam if you want (Click to show)
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Welcome. I look forward to your input...
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