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Installed my new (used) Q9650 processor. Overclocking was a bit different with this one from the old cpu. Had a multiplier to 9 instead of 8 but I still could not get it any higher than 9. Any number change went right back to 9 after you type it in. raising the frequency was a little tricky too. it would not allow to go from 333 to 400 like it is now. I had to basically step it little by little. Started at 340, saved, booted, restarted, raised another 10, booted, restarted, ect. That was the only way I could get the settings to stay set. Otherwise if I jumped a number too high it would boot at default settings. Kinda weird but ive learned to except these things from this mobo lol. So currently bumped from 3ghz to 3.6ghz. tried to push for 3.99 but system didn't like it and started giving a system recovery screen at start up instead of the windows 10 loading page. Ran prime 95 for 8 hrs over night with no errors or faults of any kind, stayed nice and cool too with the h50. More to come!

Good stuff! And welcome to Tom! I know yours isn't the QX model, but I built a PC in early 2008 using a QX9650, and that thing was awesome. I could get to 4.0Ghz on air easily using a TRUE-120 Extreme cooler. I wound up using it until 2012, then upgraded to the 3770K, which I still use now. Since that time, I've only upgraded video cards and to an SSD, so I'll stick with it until it becomes a limiting factor. As long as it works for you and isn't holding you back, just chug along with your setup.