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Hey all, doing my first loop and am about 14hrs into my leak test with no issues! But I have concern...

I bought the EK L120 kit from Microcenter this weekend to get my build going and got some clear tubing as I want to dye it later down the road once I get the whole setup finalized (still working on the best way to cool my MSI R9 390. Full WB or Thermosphere).

Cleaning components:

My question is that I have these EK fittings, but my tubing is 7/16" which is ~11.125mm. Since Microcenter only had that size in clear and I tested the fitting before I bought it and it was pretty snug, I couldn't pull the tubing out of the compression fitting, but I'm worried since the tubing doesn't really "fill out" the fitting as in it's quite easy to screw the collar on most of the way until the very end when it gets tight smashing the tubing in there.

Like I said no issues after 14 hours, but will check once I get back from work today and should be at that 24 hr. mark. Anyone have any experience with bigger ID tubing on a fitting? If so lemme know I'm worried it'll have issues later on.... Even though heat should expand the tubing making it a tighter fit???

This is how it's running now:

Any help is apprecaited!