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So my computer was working fine until yesterday when I created a win 10 creation tool on a USB and ran it but did not accept (I was going to use it on my brothers PC) when I reboot I got an bsod and it restart don't recall this error code, but when I tried to get into windows again it said "windows needs to be repaired efi \ microsoft \ boot \ bcd error 0x000000f " so I did alot of research and on many a forum it said to try to recreate bcd which I tried and failed "boot rec / rebuildbcd" said it found one drive with an installation of windows on it but when I pressed Y to confirm it said drive could not be after that I tried to do a system restore I got an error and don't remember exactly what it said. After attempting all of this I decided to save some of my files off this drive and the delete everything else so I put my ssd into my brother PC and went into disk management and I saw that it had 4 different partitions 2 recoverys one primary and an efi partition, I couldn't delete the efi so I had to use disk part to do a clean of it which worked, Going back to disk management I initialized disk and converted it to gpt and mad a new simple volume, when I attempted to install windows via my usb it said it can't because drive is gpt, which doesn't make any sense because my mobo supports both UEFI and legacy(msi z97-g45 gaming mobo) Nad I had the optimized defualt set, so I put ssd back into bro PC and cleaned it and initialized to mbr and made new simple volume again put it back into my PC and I got another error saying "We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files." So I followed there commands here: and finally it installed windows, after around 8 hours of trying to figure it out.
I just want to know what caused this and if anything is wrong with my mobo or ssd and should I run into any problems using mbr?
PC specs:
Cpu i7 4770k stock
Gpu gtx 980 g1 gaming
Ram 2(4GB ddr3 1600)Kingston and 2(4GB ddr3 1600) crucial
OS drive Kingston v300 120GB ssd
2 other drives 1 samsung 250 GB ssd and 1 Toshiba 1TB hdd
Psu 1000 watt evga supernova
Mobo msi z97-g45 gaming
Cpu cooler Cooler master seidon 120m
DVD drive
Any help would be very much appreciated thanks in advance!