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Upgrading - Considering GTX 1070 or RX480

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I currently have a GTX 660ti 3GB (as in my sig). I have 3x 1080p (60hz) monitors now. For most games the 660ti is playable at decent settings with a game up on 1 of 3 1080p monitors (usually have a chome window on another screen and maybe a video or rdp to my server on 3rd). I am however seeing it get hit hard by some games and settings need to get dropped to "unacceptable" settings to make some things smooth. I will be mainly playing: Ark, Overwatch, HoTS, LoL, Marvel Heroes 2016, and possibly others. Id be happy with a steady 60 fps at 1080p ultra for all games and would like to spend under $400. I also am really only interested in a single card solution.

My dilemma...
I have been anticipating an upgrade for some time and was ready recently to get the "$379" GTX 1070. The quotes are because I am seriously questioning if the non-reference versions will ever actually drop below $400. I'm especially interested in the MSI Gaming X 8G, but newegg lists it at $459!!!

So I'm wondering, is it likely the better non-ref 1070's will ever be below $400 (like the above mentioned MSI card)?

With that in mind, the RX480 8GB at $200-$250 becomes a serious option. While I personally am not a fan of the AMD software they have completely overhauled it since I last used it, so maybe its decent now? Also is it feasible to think it will handle 1080p @ 60fps for all current games (or reasonably all games)?

I am not expecting the same performance from the RX480 as the GTX 1070, but I also expected the 1070 to be pretty far above my needs. So mostly wondering if the RX480 would exceed my needs, meet them, or possibly fall short

**I am well aware we dont have all the information yet, especially on the RX480, I am just hoping for a compelling reason to spend less money and to get the convo going on it so I can make an informed decision asap.**

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If you are on the budget and value bang for your buck, the RX480 is the best solution for you as even with the current information pointing towards it having performance similar to a 390X, it should be more than enough for your needs of gaming on 1080p without sacrificing much settings. Whats more is that the performance is without factoring the overclocking of non reference cards, so the performance is only going to increase. I'd say hold out till next week to see what the reviews say about the 480 and then make your purchasing decision. Either ways, the price on the 1070 should drop regardless as there is then competition.
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1070 prices may drop in 2017 after AMD manages to deliver something that can compare with 70s and 80s.

As for me, I just took a Gigabyte 1070 G1 for 500 euros. Apart from the ludacris EU pricing, the card managed to max Witcher3 and Tomb Raider'2016 in 1080p for a stable 60 fps without even trying hard (max ~80% utillization in some rare cases, else ~50-60%). The GB triple fans are very quiet even with my sub par ventilation.

So, if you care about maxing a game and having fun NOW, I think 1070 is a clear winner. Need to wait a year or so to see what will become of DX12 and AMD.
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