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Which ram and HD are you going to buy? I'm considering the same upgrade
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I'm looking at getting 16gb hyperx 2133mhz sodimm for about £65and a 1tb 7200 sata for around £50. And gonna be controlling it with a xbox one controller using gopher 360 or controller companion (when I'm not using a mouse and keyboard)
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Can anyone sell me one for cheap or where i can get 1 for cheap
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Hi Guys,

So finally I bought the Alpha R2 biggrin.gif
The computer works well but I have some troubleshot with the Alienware Graphic Amplifier.

When I use it with my GTX 970 from Zotac, at the beginning there is no problem but them after few minutes, the frame rate decreases and it is almost impossible to play.
But if I am only on Windows or watching videos, there is no problem. It is only playing games.
The worst is that sometimes, if I modify the parameters (graphics) in certain games, I don't have any problems and I can play during lot of time.

I didn't have any problem when I used the AGA with my Alienware 13.

Do you have the same issue than me ?

I will try to use another graphic card in order to know if it is coming from my GTX 970.
I have already check the PCIExpress speed (the issue from GTX 1070) but mine the bus speed is always X4 and there is no problem from here.
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Hi guys. Just got my shiny new steam R2 the i7 model. I'm wanting to load windows onto it after not been able to play all the games i'd like. Problem is I want to download the Dell recovery disk but require a Alpha R2 service tag for a windows based machine as the recovery disk I can download is only for Steam machines. I have windows 10 key so can input that when everything's installed to activate as I understand the windows code is hard wired into the bios of the Dell Alpha R2. Could anyone help me out with a windows based Alpha R2 service tag so I can download the recovery disk. The hardware on both machines steam/ windows is identical. Cheers guys.
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Hi, I know its real cheeky to ask but is there any chance you could tell me your service tag code for your windows based Alpha R2 as I am wanting to download from dell a recovery disk and to install it on my steam based machine. I know that the windows key is embedded in each machines bios but I am hoping I can install the recovery and use a windows 10 key I have. If you want my steam os service tag i'd be glad to share, as I guess you could run both. Any idea if the windows version is Alpha is Windows 10 home or premium. Thanks
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Hi traygar
Have you considered installing the regular Windows version for wich you have the license?
You could do a fresh install of Windows and then install all the drivers and software you wish from Dell's support page.
That's what I did here to convert my steam machine to a regular Windows based desktop PC.
In my case I chose not to install any software or driver from Dell.
If you choose this path you can download Windows 10 usb tool from www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and follow the instructions to create a usb installation flash drive.
Remember to choose the version of Windows 10 you have the license for and not the one that comes preinstalled on the Alphas (if they are diferent you would not be able to activate it with your key).
If I remember correctly there is even an option to insert your key before choosing the Windows version so it downloads the correct version for your license.
The tool will then download the Windows image you chose and configure the flash drive to be bootable.
Then you just have to boot up you steam machine from the usb disk and follow the instructions.
I suggest deleting all the disk partitions you have during the initial configuration of the installation process.
All necessary Windows 10 partitions will be automatically created if you do it.
Remember this would delete every data you already have in it so a backup may be appropriate before you begin.
Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice cborw. I was aware I could do this but was looking to have the alpha r2 in the same state it would have been in had I bought the windows version. I noticed the Alpha R2 is shipped with a better wifi card, but the back plate covers the amplifier port. Do you if it functions in windows only? Im thinking thats why its covered on the steam version. Cheers
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Sorry traygar
I don't know if the amplifier port works under Steam OS nor if it works under Windows installed on a Steam machine
The cover may indicate it does not work with Steam OS but it could also be part of the console experience they are designed for (no unnecessary tech options for the average consumer)
Maybe you could try it and tell us what happens
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I don't have the app to test, but once windows is installed, I will attempt to install the driver for the Amplifier. If it installs and is shown as active under control panal/ hardware devices then it will definitely work. When I bought the R2 Steam OS version the online sales people told me the Steam R2 had the Amplifier port and it worked. I phoned Dell customer services today and told them I had transcripts which clearly state the R2 Steam OS version. The rep immediately offered a 10% discount refunded to my payment card. I purchased the R2 via quidco which tracked as £36 cash back and had a 15% off Unidays discount code. All in all the Steam R2 topspec i7 R2 original cost £750 as has now cost £525 so feeling I got a massive bargain. Think I might flog the Steam controller too as have multiple xbox one controllers.
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