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The PP_PhmSoftPowerPlayTable is nearly the same for every card, so this file will work with any other RX480, reference or custom.
1300MHz, 1200mV, 150W stock +100% and 2400MHz Vram limit.
SoftPowerPlayTable_RX480_1200.zip 1k .zip file
It's very easy to mod, you only need a text editor. All the settings found in the bios editor are there, except vram timings. No driver will ever ask about signature or checksum or modified or whatsoever.
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@hojnikb Sup Bro, As far as timings go just stick with stock timings (Since memory timing must be relaxed at clock for continuous stability). Run too tight of a strap/ timing and run into stability issues down the line... We can also easily reduce temps/ tdp in bios if you want lower temps thats pretty much why we do it... Use 16.9.2 WHQL to forget signature issues on Non-Whql... plus ReLive isn't working so well for me at least haha maybe better for others. So I can send you directions for new driver install or simply install 16.9.2 on there.

@PPBottle Hey Bud, so as far as TDP Limt/ Max Limit/ and TDC Ampere Current it's all just to reduce heat... Back in the old days when we had no TDP Limit, the VRM could get hotter but the "Limit" was defined by the clock and voltage set...

There really isn't much more heat DeLimited if the manufacturer spent more than 3 seconds dialing in a proper heatsink and thermal material for the VRM... If it took less than 3 seconds or around 3 seconds then VRM temps are sky high and performance is not much by stock. A proper heatsink in terms of "Material" material is everything... What is the heatsink made out of and are the heat pipes soldered? All concluding to a very poor performing heatsink... Solid cast one piece heatsinks far exceed these heat pipe aluminium things you see floating around. Not to mention nearly most manufacturers having the fins heading in the wrong direction... Vertical rather than Horizontal... It's logical to get the heat "Out" of the case, rather than keeping the heat "In" the case... right?

Back to the values for TDP Limit/ Current/ Max. Your current can be defined as low 75% of your max tdp or tdp limit... meaning 225W max means 169A TDC (225 x .75%=169)... no less or the current is too low... about 75% gives the same performance with 25% cooler VRM heat... Then TDP Limit can be say 150 or 170W... These things help if the VRM pad material can't even hold 1Ghz with no power limit... If your card can't handle DeLimited at just 1Ghz, then it needs to be gone over to resolve that... Because your not even close to the peak potential of the kind of performance you or us should be seeing. Set TDP limit/max/tdc to 57599 and clock core to 1ghz on stock voltage and leave ram at stock and set max temps to 88C... See if it's stable... From there.. Move up on clock while DeLimited and see what it can do... Without a Power Limit makes the card as much a 75% faster or more depending on what said clock/voltage wants to yield in total. thumb.gif

Se DeLimited is like hitting the NOS after being neck and neck with other Power Limited GPU's... Meaning if the VRM Stays cool the amount of potential the card can yield cannot be measured until Fujipoly and proper temps are met on VRM... Stutter 99.9% of the time is bouncing off the TDP Rev Limiter... remove the "Rev Limiter" and let it sing out to whatever amount of power it requires.
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With the 1500 strap at 1800 mhz i'm getting 180gb/s at 0.7ns on my hynix nitro+ 470 4gb, how does it fare against other 4gb models? Seems rather low the bandwidth considering ideal bandwidth should be hoving 230gb/s.
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anyone here have atikmdag.sys modified for Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.2 WHQL, for disable check bios,i have amd rx 460 unlocked bios with 1024 shaders and 64 tmus, but this driver check the bios ,dont work for me, with atikmdag.sys modified and 16.2.1,16.2.2 i have much better performance in all games but with driver 16.9.2 i have poor performance with all games, if anyone here have this atikmdag.sys modified for this driver 17.1.2 share please and upload.

thank for the answer.
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Originally Posted by chris89 View Post

@Galder Here ya go. It's setup near stock but slight reduction in Current Ampere to 94 Ampere TDC, from about 110 or so. That alone is 13.83% cooler VRM temperature, Among Increased max TDP limit from 110W to 125W along with a 75W Limit rather than 85W. All in all we have the potential to save about 15-20% in heat and maybe a little bit more big end performance.

Temperature limits at 88C now from in excess of 105C... Min Target 40C @ 20%/ Medium Target 60C @ 50%/ High Target 68C @ 70%... Max Target 88C @ 100%.

Not to mention the increase in core up to 1250Mhz now 40.00GPixel/s and ram up to 230GB/s @ 1797Mhz. Enjoy! thumb.gif

Galder-RX470-4GB.zip 112k .zip file

Reporting back: I flashed the bios, patched the driver and restarted but I had a black screen. I switched to second bios to boot, modified the one I sent you to have the same values as yours and flashed it back to the first slot, applied patch and it works.
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anyone here have atikmdag.sys modified for Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.2 WHQL, for disable check bios,i have amd rx 460 unlocked bios with 1024 shaders and 64 tmus, but this driver check the bios ,dont work for me, with atikmdag.sys modified and 16.2.1,16.2.2 i have much better performance in all games but with driver 16.9.2 i have poor performance with all games, if anyone here have this atikmdag.sys modified for this driver 17.1.2 share please and upload.

thank for the answer.

Use AMD pixel clock patch version 1.4.4, it also mods the signature. Its a much easier path as you only have to run the program anytime, click to patch, restart and voila. Theres no longer need to do all the workaround with safe mode and atikmdag.sys.
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anyone try out the 17.2.1 drivers yet? are they still blocking? i guess i'll try them.
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Chris, you're onto something. I was looking through the higher power stock bioses by Powercolor and Sapphie RX480s.

They all keep TDP(w) at 110.
The TDC (A) is usually around 82-84% of the
max power limit

Stock 110 107 110

one was 110
another 110
another 110

I'm an electrician (technical side), so I know there is a good correlation.
Watts is Volts X Amps if we ignore inductance/capacitance.

So, let's say your stock card was set up as 110w/107a . They are figuring you are running the stock voltages, which are lower.

But let's say you increase voltage from 1.1 to 1.2v, that is a 10% increase in voltage, meaning 10% increase in current.
BUT, wattage goes up 1.1 x 1.1= 1.21 or 20% if both current and wattage are allowed to increase.

Easier example:

So, if we had settings of 150A and 150 W

1.0v X 150A is 150W, under/equal TDP.. ok
1.2v X 150A is 180W, TDP passed- card maybe confused or throttles down badly (lower states use lower volts)
So if it wanted to equalize properly, It could do 2 things (not sure what it does):
-Drop the clock/vcore to a lower state, lets say 1.0v and 1050 mhz. 1.0v, keep 150A limit, get 150watts.
-Drop the watts but keep the 1.2v vcore state (lets say 1300mhz), this is where you get throttling.... But

It's actually better and more efficient to do 150W at the 1.0v@1050, getting more processing done
than to do 150W at the 1.2v@1300, because the 1300 state is hitting the limit, making the GPU "pause" like an idle state.

I know this because I was messing with powertune using OCCT, the best stress torture test... that test will show you if your settings are real or just benchmark queens smile.gif It will tell you if there are calculation errors!!! No more stupid reliance on looking for artifacts. Sometimes you can have many errors but have no artifacts!

OCCT Link: http://www.ocbase.comhttp://www.ocbase.com
I use 640x480, directX11, error check ON, shader complexity 7, FPS limit 0 (which will make you throttle).
If you want less throttling to test higher states, set a fps limit. For example I use 500 to get around my peak states to test typical gameplay (1.15@1235 and 1.175@1275)

Look at hwinfo64 and see how much juice you can pump, heat goes through the roof, but if you get the PT numbers right and the PT% right, you will have the card set up to never crash on OCP (overcurrent protection)
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So, the best settings I found so far for my Nitro OC+ 4gb :

Core 1300mhz@1065mv (drops to 1050mv under load)
Ram 2075mhz@1000v
1625 timings strap, 1500 one doesn't work with above values

Tdc 110a
Tdp 110w
Power limit 140w
Temps never go over 60c with fans@50%
Average consumption under load is 100w,I have zero throttling and it is perfectly stable.

The gpu wanted 1.230v to reach 1400mhz,and I don't think it would be worth it.

I'm getting 1400pts in heaven, pretty satisfied tbh.

Only thing I hate is that fan settings don't work, something is wrong with sensivity I think
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Originally Posted by chris89 View Post

@NoLive721 Your welcome, I hope I can help.
What's the stock voltage for the RX 480?
I made another BIOS based on your orig6feb, which one is the original? haha
This one comes 1200mv 1400mhz, 25+ power limit available yet at stock power limit... 88c temp maxes.
NoLive721-1400Mhz1200MvStockPwr25Limit.zip 110k .zip file

Hi chris, sorry for my late feedback and its embarrassing because that one still didnt work.....flashed the BIOS, powered up PC and it started again in VGA mode with card inactive.I dont know whats wrong and I am kind of giving up on this power limit adjustment

I am running 3 OC profiles 1330Mhz core with 1.07V, 1400Mhz core with 1.16V and 1450Mhz with 1.22V. I have reached 1500 points in heaven with the latter, stable, so I should be happy with the card I got. What affects my Fps in very recent games now is more my G3258 even if OCed at 4.7Ghz. next upgrade will be CPU.

I appreciate if you want to have other thoughts on what causes this crash with your modded BIOS but please dont spend much time on this


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