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Hey chris, you are doing an amazing job on RX480 .
I am also good at these technical things, but now i can`t just get that freetime to spend and optimize the RX480 BIOS and performance as overexhausted from work..

I am uploading my stock ASUS DUAL RX480 8GB Samsung chips.

Please note that:

-my temps are normally higher due to using mATX case and the VGA is running a bit higher temps ( Max Core Temp -80 and Max VRM Temp -90 )
-my core clock is 100% stable at 1360mhz and memory running 1750 straps on 2000mhz
-no added voltage-
-Max Fan Speed -3600 rpm, but it`s just loud over 60% so you can set it as per yours

Thank you very much and waiting to check your changes and tips onto the bios smile.gif

Ellesmere.zip 110k .zip file
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@ZiXs Thanks man. Yeah I take your VRM is too hot, 90C. I had to accommodate for that temperature deviation with Fan RPM, until the VRM temperature is corrected (Easily 30-40C reduction possible). What I did was make you a couple BIOS to see how each performs. I'd recommend tearing the card down and working over the VRM pad as I did. Before that Warranty will be of any use, for this particular instance.

Characteristics : Clear 1-2 minute spin up, and for you with max 3888rpm. It will take up to 3 minutes to spin up, although that's all it takes. Let it spin up on each bios and over time they will perform quite well. All Power DeLimited, so each temperature max is what the Core & VRM possibly will instantly zap to. Until 3 minutes later when fans spin up, and clocks come out to play. With these BIOS, The Hotter You Go : The Faster You Go. biggrin.gif

ZiXs_ASUS_RX480_1433Mhz_2266Mhz_DeLimit_3888rpm_Max_67C.zip 110k .zip file
ZiXs_ASUS_RX480_1433Mhz_2266Mhz_DeLimit_3888rpm_Max_77C.zip 110k .zip file
ZiXs_ASUS_RX480_1433Mhz_2266Mhz_DeLimit_3888rpm_Max_84C.zip 110k .zip file

@Zorgon Here ya go. Same as above but better matched to your GPU.

Zorgon_RX470_1267Mhz_1667Mhz_DeLimit_67C_2888RPM.zip 111k .zip file
Zorgon_RX470_1267Mhz_1667Mhz_DeLimit_84C_2888RPM.zip 111k .zip file
Zorgon_RX470_1333Mhz_1667Mhz_DeLimit_67C_2888RPM.zip 111k .zip file
Zorgon_RX470_1333Mhz_1667Mhz_DeLimit_84C_2888RPM.zip 111k .zip file

If you don't want to buy proper material. You could just fix the stock pad material.

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Wooow, just wow, amazing and very fast response.
Chris, once i finish my really heavy tasks at my work, i will try to assist you and cooperate with you so we can even go further to improve the RX480 performance.
I will give it a try for every single bios and run multiple benchmarks, because for sure these cards are frequency-thermal- related throttling.

Well, my card is brand new and does have a VRM heatsinks with thermal pads, closer to the DisplayPort and HDMI ports. Without removing the stock heatsink and use a custom cooling, the VRM`s are now covered from the stock heatsink.

This is a very similar photo of a card looking close to mine.

Update: Jumped over your third bios ZiXs_ASUS_RX480_1433Mhz_2266Mhz_DeLimit_3888rpm_Max_84C.zip 110k .zip file

I restored the memory clock back to 2000mhz as it is unstable over 2050.
Also i restored the GPU voltage to default as 1.23 is very high and i can o/c through MSI AB and set a software voltage rather than in bios.

Haven`t run any performance benchmarks but the VRM temps are better even though the room temperature is higher, the GPU temps almost remain the same as before, around 68 max ingame and 80 in FireStrike.
Will test further but this BIOS looks as an improvement.

So far, great job from you. Thanks a lot.

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@ZiXs Thanks man and your welcome. Great results. That picture is only 1360mhz. It should be possible to run it up to 1433mhz/ 1238mv, but since the temperature limits are set it'll dial back to your cards thermally stable clock automatically. So it's basically just overhead up to 1433Mhz core.

Sure man, I found 1433Mhz/ 1238mv is the max basically stable. It can boot to 1466Mhz but isn't stable in game at 4k at this voltage.

Here I like to do hops of 33Mhz. I believe you can do 1433Mhz at 1238mv. It's only a couple millivolts higher than stock 65288 of stock 1.231v I saw up to 1407Mhz. Plus ram 2066Mhz.

ZiXs_ASUS_RX480_1433Mhz_2066Mhz_DeLimit_3888rpm_Max_84C.zip 110k .zip file

Here's Tomb Raider 2013 4k Ultimate with Triple Buffer on - High texture filtering AMD setting AMD Optimized Tesselation.

As you can see it doesn't even need to run that fast to maintain over 30fps on this game at 4k. The 1433Mhz is just there if needed, which it helps in otherwise "laggy" cutscene's. I can't tell a difference, it runs beautifully, even faster than 390x at 1250mhz. Way less power consumption, like 180 watts DeLimited 1433Mhz. I have set Max Temp to 80, shutdown 88C, hot spot 80C. Max fan 3667rpm. Sensitivity may be best at 0, only 100 rpm per second increase so slower to spool up but maybe less noisy. I don't know I use headphones and 3667rpm isn't heard. At this max temp I can probably do with 2888rpm. However if set to 84C Max Temp, 88C shutdown, 84C hot spot. The fps would go up a lot but I like these temperatures a lot. As I predicted 11w/m K matches the Core temp for VRM.

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Thanks for making the new BIOS.

But as i can see form GPU-Z, the GPU Vcore max is 1.1375 and i would like to keep up with stock voltages, even if i can`t reach 1433mhz but 1400 for example.
Or, atleast i would like to be hovering around the stock voltages, and to not go higher than 1.175 Vcore.

The card can`t keep 1433mhz with 1.238v and throttles i believe because of the high power draw and can`t keep up 1433 constantly, downclocking to 1266-1290 mhz.
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Did you try 1433mhz? Stock voltage is a "Range" it isn't one particular number at all... It's anything between 0.800 volts to 1.231 volts... Based on clock it will use any voltage in that range up to 1407Mhz. I hear ya, one might feel worried to go to 1433mhz or some such but you have nothing to worry about. With Max Temperature and Shutdown at 84C, 88C no damage is allowed to occur. However if tried on Stock BIOS, your card might go up in a cloud of smoke in minutes... haha 105 to 109 Degrees Celsius stock. They say yeah there meant to run way up over 120 Degrees Celsius and it's ideal to run them until they're Molten Glowing Plastic and Silicon. I suppose if you prefer bad cards then yeah run them up to 120C. haha

The reason why it throttle's is not "Power Limits" or "High Power Draw" at all. Has nothing to do with "Power". It has to do with the "Temperature Of Components On The PCB".

The Higher you set the Max Temperature, and Hot Spot Temperature. The Higher the clock will go because it is allowed to let the components become hotter.

So it will still go to 1433Mhz, up until any one component on the PCB hits call it 84-88C. So you base your "Performance" on "How Hot Do You Want It To Go". The Higher the clock, the hotter the card regardless of a power limit on these BIOS. Power Limit is meaningless at this point. It's all about temperature here.

I suppose the Power Limit isn't totally meaningless once you control and throttle components temperature, it dials back the Power Draw. So in a way it's doing the same thing as a Power Limit Directly. It just lets the User Experience be Way Better with power limit max, and Clocks controlled via component temperature rather. Far safer operation as well.
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Well, something went wrong while flashing the bios and gave ERROR 016 or 021 with atiflash.
I restart the computer and there is no screen appearing till then.
Started up the computer with the integrated drivers, flashed the RX 480 default bios, uninstalled, reinstalled drivers but still no chance- there isn`t any screen even on POST, but i do see the drivers are installed correctly and the card is detectable..
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By the way, running the 480 DeLimited, is nearly the performance of 1.5 RX 480! With Dual DeLimited 480's it's like having 3-way Crossfire 480's! Huge difference. biggrin.gif

Comparing this RX 480 8GB to my 390X 8GB. It uses less than 1/2 as much power and performs better at 4k. Running the ram from 256GB/s to 290GB/s made the difference between the 390X & RX 480. I love the RX 480, hahahahaha. drool.gifapplaud.gifcheers.gifwubsmiley.gifyessir.giflmaosmiley.gif

Yeah sorry bud haha I forgot to mention you have to mod the new drivers or just use WHQL 16.9.2 for modding the bios.

Not to mention before every flash, to everyone. Please close all applications in the taskbar including MSI and HWInfo, among all GPU Apps. Right Click ATIWinFlash.exe v274 or newer (Open As Administrator). Proceed with flash. Be patient, don't click anything. Complete. Restart.

Furthermore, if you receive an error on flash. Do not restart. Please proceed to flash Ellesmere.rom original, Complete, then don't restart, flash modded bios. If you keep receiving errors on modded BIOS. The modded bios is corrupt, and will need to be made fresh again from scratch with valid Checksum.

Under certain uncommon circumstances it will say Rom Already Installed or Error Reading Rom. With these errors, the correct procedure is flash original Ellesmere.rom original bios file back to correct Same Bios Rom Already Installed or whatever the error is. If it says Error Reading from Rom & your Bios is not corrupt yet just restart. If the flash "FAILS" (Because of HWInfo or GPUz or MSI being open), flash original Ellesmere.rom original backup to correct, then flash to new modded bios and then restart.

If your current bios is corrupt, (Unlikely able to reach desktop on corrupted bios) possibly try CRU Restart64.exe to restart the driver within windows. Or try Log Off, then Restart64.exe and then try again.
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Sorry guy's I was stable yesterday, and now today it's kind of not wanting to spool up the fan in time for stability. It keeps crashing.

Working on a solution hahaha I'll find out what's going on. It's this Polaris fan controller which is a pain. If only AMD uses the 390X fan controller on the next cards. That would work way better.

Fan type '0' and max temp 84C, Min 32C, Medium 67C, High 84C. Fan min 20%, Fan max 67%.

As far as the true characteristics of "Fan Sensitivity" goes it's unique. At value 0, it rises slower as if the value were say 65000. No real noticeable difference between these values. Above 65333, the fan rises slowly yet once the core hits 75C. The fan begins to spin back down while Core rises in temperature, not ideal.

So there is a correlation between Fan "Max RPM" & Sensitivity. It's not certain what this value means in particular.

The best way to bring stability is to lower the "Max & Hot Spot" to say 78C. So once the fan sensitivity value call it 65200, will rise to level out the core at 75C minimizing throttling conditions.

With 1433Mhz, it was unstable even at 1233Mhz with Max Temp 84C, Shutdown 88C, Hot Spot 84C. So I think the best way is to lower Max Temp & Hot Spot to 78C. So it can deal with the slow spin up of the turbo fan. So once it does spin up it will perform more stable.
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love the 4K picks just got me a sap Radeon nitro rx460 4gb.
Coming from a 4gb 750ti windforce it feels alot smoother and a step up etc with the 896 sp. is it worth unlocking for the 1024?

i have my file setup RX460NitroUnlock

that all i need. atm im running 1600x900 60 fps on fallout 4 runs smooth as. going to benchmark gtav soon
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AMD FX-9370 970 Performance/3.1 Sapphire Nitro Radeon RX 460 (4GB)  Kingston  
Hard DriveHard DriveOptical DriveCooling
wd20earx 9wg8g94 x4 ihas20  corsair h100 
windows 7 64bit pro 42" LG tv A4 Tech X7 G800V Gaming Keyboard AeroCool Integrator 850W ATX Power Supply 
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