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I have one issue:
I own two rx480 and no matter what i do, when i mod a bios the card stops being recognized.
But if i download the unlocked air bios it works.
I touch something in the bios - nope.

I don't know what to do... halp pleas.
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@etacarinaeoc Install 17.4.1. or 17.3.3 (without restart) after first DDU (without restart)... then run this patch as administrator and restart.

AMD-PATCH.zip 52k .zip file
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These setting work... 1316mhz for 65286 and 1333mhz for 65287 and 1407mhz for 65288 on rare occasions, vrm hits 86C and might near 88C after some time.

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Thanks trying to fix it now.
My problem is that the card(s) shut down at 95C vrm... need to find a better cooling for it.
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Will try this stuff out. On one of the cards Sapphire nitro oc, managed 1477 mhz on air to pass firestrike. If i magae the vrm cooling maybe 1500 will pass, and 1450 will be stable for daily. For now 1410 is stable daily at 100% load.
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Hi there,

Here is my original BIOS from Sapphire Radeon RX480 8GB Nitro+ OC (samsung memory chips)

Can't pass ~2080 Mhz on memory with stock voltage +50%power, but can't pass it even with like +75mv...

Can someone please help me modding my bios and sent it back here with mem strap changed?

Been reading this forum a lot, but with driver updates, and software update, and etc... don't know what I have to do right now... rolleyes.gif

PS : sorry for bad english.

PS 2 : BIOS file is from "SILENT BIOS", the NON OC one (button swaped to IO shield)

bios.zip 111k .zip file
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If you are putting voltage to the core it won't affect the memory anyway.
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Obviously, but i've read core volateg and mem voltage are linked (it's not even mem voltage but mem controller voltage i think)
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Yeah if your getting instability then buy that thermal material I list cut each square in half for each memory module.. cooler modules means more clockability and less errors... stock timings is on point, no other timing is more ideal... cool modules is key and use on vrm and ceramique 2 on core and notice massive improvement...
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Yeps, especially on Polaris which is very thermally unstable...
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