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@ziXs I think you could achieve better thermals with better material. That's yellow, just to guess and considering your temperatures. We could be talking 1w/m k conductive or less...

I suppose if you don't have anything else laying around... Unless you have no electrical conductive paste? I would lather the paste to cover the whole VRM contact area. Then place the VRM heatsink in the oven at 350F for 20min. Let sit and cool. Then make sure that paste is pretty hard and not "Viscous". Then we could see some massive drops.

You have 21 VRM, that's quite a capable card. I notice only contact on 12 maybe 13 of the 21. That's the issue. Lather a nice thick 1-1.5mm thick lather of paste across the whole thing (VRM Heatsink/ Not Card) to create more compression. Place in oven at 350f 20min to cure to totally nice and a bit hard and not wet at all. use sandpaper to smooth it to flatness. Then install and press down by finger on the area's that aren't contacting well to create an Impression of all 21 VRM in the "Cured" paste.
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Hello guys..

Have just changed my timings from my card, it's all good what you guys think? Looks like stable. XFX ReF 480 8Gb

Firestrike Extreme 1400/2066 : http://www.3dmark.com/fs/12303866

Firestrike Extreme 1345/2050 (old values): http://www.3dmark.com/fs/12021300

Voltage Max during the test.

Temps during the test and error free.

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@Chris89 mining etherieum is more memory bound than core we mostly run at 1100-1150 MHz on core but by putting mem Timing from 1500 or 1625 to higher strap we managed to add more hashing powers.
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Might need to experiment with one of my BIOS to be for sure. If noise is no concern we can increase your GFlops output for mining Compute.
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chris, i have a few thermal pastes around - this coming with the Accelero which is thermal paste/glue and another MX-2 thermal paste.
Now what i have done is to remove the white spacers to get more pressure and it really does, but now i have placed some heatsinks onto the other VRM`s and i am waiting to dry till tomorrow morning.

If this does not help, i will remove the yellow pad and put only a thermal grease. We will see smile.gif
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Cool man just make sure it's not electrically conductive like many are. I would just get quality thermal material instead of higher thickness to force-create compression and impression of all 21 vrm. thumb.gif

The paste would also need to be totally dry and not wet at all or you'll have a heck of a mess on your hands. Ideally quality pad, since paste tends to always create a mess... Unless heated and cured...
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Hey. I bought myself a XFX RX 480 GTR (non black edition) last week and want some advice. I overclocked my card to 1400mhz with +80mV on core, +50% power limit and its very very stable. If I go lower volt it starts throwing artifacts. On Heaven benchmark my temp hits max 68c.I want to know how can I go further? Does overclocking memory give big difference in FPS? On 1410mhz with +94mV on MSI Afterburner it started throwing occasional artifacts. I've read people running 1.250v with high clocks no problem, but my MSI Afterburner maxes out at +100mV and my stock voltage is 1100. Help please.
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Might need to experiment with one of my BIOS to be for sure. If noise is no concern we can increase your GFlops output for mining Compute.

Ethereum mining doesn't benefit very much from core performance as he already said. The big gains are in memory bandwidth and latency. The best thing you can do is find tighter timings that will still run without errors at the highest frequencies. Ideally you want timings that can still run at 2000+MHz.
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Sure upload your .rom and Zip it here. Your TDP Limited.

GPU-Z_ASUS_ROG_1.12.0.zip 2079k .zip file

Right on man. That's very interesting. The tasks at hand are not quite fully compute tasks as I had thought. Some other tasks are occurring. HAHA I'm sure you mining guy's aren't 110% sure as far as what mining is actually doing in the big picture. haha It's all good man. If I can help, I'd like to try for experience sake.
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The principle behind Dagger Hashimoto is to have Proof of Work system that can be verified relatively quickly with a low of memory overhead by light clients, and can be mined very quickly by using a large amount of memory. The intent of this is to force ASIC/FPGA designers to be bound by RAM access speeds, while still allowing for verification by thin clients.
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