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I know what the issue is!! hahaha I was like hmmm Oh I know.. haha

Your bios checksum was corrupt... One second... Here ya go...

Don't do it via command prompt always open in the GUI to verify everything is on point... haha

When you open this in the GUI post screenshot of ATIWinFlash with this Ellesmere loaded.

"Critical Files Missing" yada yada yada.... Right Click ATIWinFlash.exe as Administrator.

Kool_KeKatsey_Ellesmere.zip 111k .zip file
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I'm a retard. I think I did what bardacuda said. Forgot to turn the switch to first one and flashed over the second one. Both switches dont boot up. Omg :/
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Your good idk if your a girl or if you name is kate haha it doesn't matter we have all been there so it'll be okay.

Got a spare GPU laying around/ Integrated Video? pop PCI gpu in below boot to windows... flash haha wink.gif

Or if you have 2x PCIe x16 pop the bad flash GPU in not post slot.. pop good gpu in Post slot and boot to windows.. correct flash... I bricked my 480 a couple of times in testing had to do this more than once.
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haha it doesn't have anything to do with name kate biggrin.gif yeah I booted up with integrated. I only need a working bios. the one u posted doesn't work, same black screen. where could I get the stock bios? do u know? biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by chris89 View Post

Sure upload your .rom and Zip it here. Your TDP Limited.

GPU-Z_ASUS_ROG_1.12.0.zip 2079k .zip file

Right on man. That's very interesting. The tasks at hand are not quite fully compute tasks as I had thought. Some other tasks are occurring. HAHA I'm sure you mining guy's aren't 110% sure as far as what mining is actually doing in the big picture. haha It's all good man. If I can help, I'd like to try for experience sake.
I am waiting for your efforts too smile.gif
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For some reason windows doesn't detect my card when I run it with onboard. In motherboard bios initiate graphics adapter is set to PEG and multi monitor is on. I'm trying to flash through FreeDOS
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nvm doesnt work, throws me this program cannot be run in freedos. what can I do here? rx480 should be on, lights everything working, but windows doesnt detect it for some reason. in mobo bios doesnt matter, if the primary device is IED or PEG....and unfortunately i dont have any pcie video card lying around :/ no chance ?
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So you are seeing it in BIOS but not in windows?

Try this thread


You need to boot to DOS to do this so make sure you have ATIFlash....not ATIWinflash.
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I dont have option to see video cards in BIOS but I managed to get my rx480 to show in windows safe mode. when booting into Windows normally it crashes and boots into system repair. Safe mode doesnt let atiwinflash open because no admin rights... any ideas what to do?
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