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Let's see some Superposition benchmarks guys! my 390x hit 2,999 points 1080p extreme...

@ekoaja Real interested in 1500mhz superposition polaris scores haha

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Superposition 1080p extreme
Rx480 @ 1285/2020 pt 30, no throttling at all
2444, min 14.6 avg 18.3 max 21

1080p high
5868, 37.67 43.9 51.8
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Hey guys..

I got my ref rx 480 to be Stable at 1400Mhz 1.160v ... My Asic is 80.6%...

There is anyone that can show me how much Voltage you got for higher than 1400Mhz just to get one idea?
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@robnitro Can you post Extreme screenshot score?

@Xcat2008 I can run my reference up to 1,438mhz but I found even 4k runs flawlessly on DeLimited Stock BIOS...

Send me your .rom and we can test it out...

GPU-Z_ASUS_ROG_1.12.0.zip 2079k .zip file

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I'm trying for several months to see what is the max or near of my card... Just figured like 1 hour ago i was giving to much voltage for 1400Mhz xD 1.2v...

Now it's Stable at 1420Mhz 1.160v

Original Bios from my Reference XFX Rx 480 8GB: Ellesmere.zip 111k .zip file

Modded bios stable at 1420 / 2100 : Final1420.zip 111k .zip file

Firestrike Extreme at 1420Mhz http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/19328288

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This benchmark is veeery hard on the gpu...wow

Superposition 1080p Extreme
Rx480 @ 1350/2100, light throttling at the end
I have a fx8320@4.8Ghz
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Can you guy's screenshot the results of Superposition? like this?

Also xcat2008 can you run firestrike default mode 1080p and post a screenshot here? It's nice to look back plus your reference so anything you find will help me as well...

To print screen only the window in focus... ALT + Print Screen


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Nice score generaleramone & robnitro! ill need to test my rx 480 as well... just threw up results on 390x thread since everyone was throwing them up.

PS - To Improve Superposition score set 8bpc .. 4:2:2 ... default amd settings on Performance and have everything closed even MSI OSD or HWInfo could rob 200 to 300 points.
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@chris89 I will post in a bit FireStrike normal.

This is my pontuation before at 1400Mhz
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