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Hey peebs.

For the past 6 months I've had a fight with input lag, hours every single day and it has ruined my entire gaming career. I didn't have that much money and despite the fact, I was still buying new PC parts every month because I speculate what could have caused the problem, mobo, RAM, cpu, harddrive etc. but without any luck... so now that I have almost an entire new PC and still no help, I've discovered ONE crucial thing that has made it so much better... but before I waste more money, I want to be absolutely sure this time.

So I went into the Nvidia controlpanel and I put scaling to "no scaling" as opposed to aspect ratio/fullscreen that I've been using my entire life, and that has reduced the input lag by a mile, but yet it hasn't fixed my issue completely, just made my mouse responds better than before where it was unplayable. Putting scaling to Display mode instead of GPU also helped, but not by any means as much as no scaling.

Now here's the thing, the exact same issue happens to me with two different graphis cards, GTX 660TI and GTX 960... another thing to do note is, it was not like this in the past, so it's definitely an issue that suddenly came.

So given that I've tried different graphics cards and that the problem occured suddenly, also that I've been through up to 5 different nvidia drivers and also changed to CPU based graphics card where I had the same problem, can I be positive that the issue is in fact my monitor? it's the only thing I have not replaced and I can't get a new one to try atm. all my family uses laptops/ipads. Is there any way to test further if it's graphics card issue or monitor?

Thanks a lot..