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Sgt Hoit's Mercury S8 - White & Black build log

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Hi all, and welcome to my new build...

List of goodies:

Mercury S8 in White - purchased from a current OCN member.
EVGA Z170 Classified K
Intel i7 6700K Unlocked
32 GB G-Skill Ripjaws DDR4-3000, PC4-24000 4x8GB
CPU Cooler - TBD, open for suggestions (a water cooled build)
1 - Samsung 850 Pro 512 GB SSD
2 - Intel 730 Series 240 GB SSDs
EVGA - Titan Hydro Copper Video Card
EVGA - SuperNova 1300 G2 power supply - might be overkill and swapped out
2 - HardwareLabs Black Ice Nemesis GTX 360 radiators
6 - Fractal Design Venturi HF-12 120mm fans, very quiet...
6 - Aero Cool DS 120mm fans, also very quiet...
3 - other 140mm fans, Fractal Design, BitFenix, and NZXT. Only using one depending on the dBA.
3 - Lamptron FC6 fan Controllers
2 - Swiftech MCP655-B pumps
1 - Bitspower Dual / Single D5 Top
1 - Bitspower Z-Multi Water Tank Clear
1 - BitsPower Dual D5 Mod Top/Extreme
1 - BitsPower D5 stand kit
2 - BitsPower D5/MCP655 Mod kits
1 - Monsoon Dual Bay Reservoir, may not use.

Still need to decide on fittings and tubing

You may notice a Corsair H100i, It's going to be used on a temporary basis while I'm still waiting / deciding on parts. I want to work out any hiccups with the MB / CPU / Memory combo before I add the custom water loops. I've a few air-cooled video cards to choose from until I can add the Titan X.

I've also got some case parts on order, and we all know how long that takes:
1 - 36mm extended top, ventilated
1 - a drop in mount for the 2 GTX 360 radiators
1 - drop in chassis section
1 - Mercury S8 front cover with window
1 - Mercury S8 front chassis with window

And again welcome to my little piece of the Caselabs world, more pics and details to follow as they are available...
Edited by Sgt Hoit - 7/3/16 at 8:48pm
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Looks like a good start, and best of luck to ya.
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Subbed. Always in for an S8 adventure.

I would caution you about the DS fans (at least they don't have LED smile.gif) as I found they had an annoying hum to them.
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Actually these DS fans do have LEDs, and even at full rpm, they are very quiet and I don't really detect any hum...
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Okay, so I built the computer and loaded the OS just to make sure everything was working properly before I actually start to add my water cooling loop or loops. I currently have my two - 360 radiators, fans are in a push/pull configuration, mounted in the top and now have a few questions before I start plumbing. The only things that I'll be cooling is the 6700K cpu and my Titan hydro Copper graphics card. Should I run two loops or just one? And what in the recommended flow pattern? Pump/res combo to rad to cpu to gpu then back to pump/res combo or what. Just looking for ideas before I start bending and cutting tubing.
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How are you getting on? Can we have some pictures the build please?
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