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Parallel Water Cooling for GPUs

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Hi all,

I just have a quick general question about custom water cooling loops. In particular the image i've attached below which I found online.
From the picture I assume that the CPU and GPU sections are running in series together, however the GPU section appears to be running in parallel.
Can someone with a bit of experience give me an explanation for this. Would this PC actually perform badly, and is the parallel setup just for show?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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This will perform perfectly well and will actually result in a higher loop flow rate due to less restriction from GPU blocks. It is best to only put things in parallel that have equal restriction, to avoid a loss of flow to the higher restriction block, ie if the CPU was paralleled with the GPU blocks the CPU block would generally have higher restriction and would be starved of flow, provided the CPU block is in series and the GPU's in parallel everything is fine. The GPU's will receive half the system flow rate, so if your overall flow rate is 1.5gpm, your GPU's will each get .75gpm, this is more than enough to keep your GPU's cool and won't change temps that much from a series setup.
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Thanks Liam,

I appreciate your help smile.gif
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here is what I did for a parallel loop

and here is another larger build that is all parallel
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