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Waiting for curved 34'' OLED HDR...?

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Ever since I bought an LG 65EF9509 TV set (OLED, 4K, 3D), I believe I couldn't settle for anything less in a monitor (gaming mostly).
The first OLED monitors are already coming out, but at steep price tags ($4,000+) and in smaller sizes (27").
Anyone willing to venture a guess when OLED and HDR become available in a 34" 1440p widescreen for an affordable price (i.e. ideally not more than the current ~1300 EUR you can shell out for an Asus ROG widescreen)?
End of this year? 2017? 2018?

(Right now I have a 27" 1200p for the gaming rig and an old 17" for the Internet machine.)
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Not before 2019.
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Originally Posted by zalbard View Post

Not before 2019.
Little off, I'd say late 2017 to early 2018, but 2019 for when it get's affordable.
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affordable OLED ... not in 5 years
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Definitely not end of this year, would have been shown off at any of the trade shows. Probably not in 2017 - I think a lot of what's in store for next year has already been outed - more 3440x1440 high refresh rate ultrawides in the VA variety and also higher resolution ultrawides but still LCD-based.

Also I don't expect LG to bring OLED to the monitor market until they've sufficiently expanded production capacity. They are firmly focused on TVs right now.

I would have more hope if that Dell OLED released on time, but as of now, it's still vaporware. Regardless of the crazy $5K price, you still can't buy it and it was supposed to be out back in April.

I'm guessing 2018 or 2019 is when we'll start to see more OLED monitors.
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