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Need info on overclocking DDR4

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Hi there. I`m looking for help with how DDR4 ram going to behave during overclock.
For example G.Skill Ripjaws V 3333MHz C16-16-16-36-2N kit.I understand that when it`s not
overclocked it`s going to be at base clock of 2133MHz. But what the CL numbers I`ll
have at base clock? And what CL numbers to expect when I overclock this RAM to
3000MHz? And to 3200MHz?

Would be better to go with ddr4 3000 CL 15-16-16-35-2N?
It`s important for me to understand how different RAM modules perform at about 3000MHz.

Sorry all this Skylake thing is very new to me)Thanks.
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There are people here who can tell you a lot more about this, but personally I've never found min/maxing RAM to be worth the hassle. The real-world performance you get from an extra couple hundred Mhz isn't worth the hours of tweaking it takes to get it running stable at that speed. For my money (and sanity), it's easier just buying a rated kit with the timings you want and running it at that speed. G.Skill has some high speed kits with VERY low latencies (3200 CL 14-14-14-35 for example) that should be basically plug and play.
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Sorphius- thanks for replay. Hard to find this one here in Australia, actually impossible. I don`t want to risk and order from overseas.
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Ooo, fair enough. There are people here who can give you all the ins and outs of it, so hopefully one of them will find this thread and chime in. There are a few reviews out there that compare kits across different combinations of clocks and timings to give you an idea of what kind of real-world difference you're looking at (spoiler alert: not much!). Here are two articles I found, but there's a lot more if you dig a little.

TLDR -- You get a pretty big boost going from 2133-2400, but it doesn't scale much more past that.
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Sorphius-thanks so much! I`ll check it out.
The reason I`m talking about 3000MHz- I`m Flight Simulator addict and there were some research about RAM and Flight simulator, and it was proven that 3000mhz is a sweet spot,
but I just wanted to find some more info about that.I`ll give you some links if you r interested- but it s very Flight Simulator specific.Add to all of this, I`m also musician and use computer for music,
but as I already know, if it`s good for Flight Simulator, it`s going to cut all my needs for music))
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IMO 3000 is a nice sweet spot. It gives a decent performance boost over stock, it's available with low secondary and tertiary timings, and you don't pay *that* much of a premium for it compared to slower kits. Anything faster, you start having to pay a pretty steep premium for negligible gains in anything other than epeen.
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Sorphius-yeah)) And now I`m thinking if 3333 C16-16-16-36-2N can give me some more over 3000 CL 15-16-16-35-2N))))
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It may; it may not. What's the price difference between the two? If you're looking at a difference of $15 or something I guess there's no harm in going for it. But if it's like a $50 price difference I just don't know if I'd be able to justify the price difference. But then again, your money your build.
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Sorphius-there r a few kits like 3000MHz 14-14-14-34-2N , and 3200MHz 15-15-15-35-2N , but they r in Brisbane and I`m in Sydney and dont want to mess with all the postage..if something goes wrong.
Prefer to face the sales person)))
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Difference just 20 $
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