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(Resolved) MSI Godlike Gaming Carbon - Code dd?

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Hello Folks -

I have one I am hoping someone has seen before as the googlebot hasn't been much help. I have had this system running for quite some time - turned it off over the weekend and back on and now it is posting with a code dd. Doesn't appear in the manual and from some searches some have said it was a CPU fan header problem (tried alternative fan, nothing plugged in, etc) to no difference. I have tried booting from the alternative bios as well but with no success.

I am trying to avoid tearing it down - but that is my next step unless someone has seen this one before

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So replying to my own thread - this one gets odd:

It seems to be power related - specifically from the wall or UPS in this case. I bypassed my UPS and went directly into the wall and was able to actually get a consistent POST.

However - I can not get into either the A or B bios - even cleared. Before narrowing this one down to power I was able to get it to boot into windows with the alternate bios by what must have been dumb luck. I think the defaults kept the power draw low enough - but this is just a guess.

My next step is to try to reflash one of the bios to see if I can get that resolved. I am able to tweak settings from inside the OS but I am not really comfortable with this box running anything important when it doesn't boot to bios.

For reference if I try to boot to bios from windows it hangs at A6
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Possiblity of having or not having the correct cpu, motherboard functions enabled.
Possiblity of components not stable at rated stock settings/half damaged components

If your running water cooling check that your pump is not near your motherboard, hdds and hdd cables. As the magnetic field from the magnet will cause errors
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Appreciate the input - it was actually an 'Ab' not 'A6' - BIOS just decided it didn't want to display on the outputs that had been working. This one is resolved now - the UPS failing was the root of the problems.
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