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One more update.... I wanted to try to go to 4.6 but using a CPU multiplier of 46 would not post. Using the CPU Upgrade menu DID work and I'm now able to use my memory at full speed for whatever reason. Soo...

Frequency Menu
BCLK - 100
CPU Upgrade - i7-6700k 4.6GHz
CPU Mulitplier - Auto
Uncore Multiplier - 46
XMP - Profile 1
Memory Multiplier - 32

Voltage Menu
LLC - High (I may have turned this back to auto, I'm not sure)
CPU Volts - 1.375

Like I stated in my last post, I still need to do some more stability testing once my TIM comes in the mail tomorrow. Was stable using Intel Extreme Tuning for 10 minutes. Thermals were a hair better this time through, maxing out at 78 C

Before Cinebench - 822 (I lost the score so don't quote me on that)
Cinebench @ 4.5GHz - 942
Cinebench @ 4.6GHz - 971

Before Firestrike Physics - 12904
Firestrike Physics @ 4.5GHz - 14087
Firestrike Physics @ 4.6GHz - 14436
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Originally Posted by ikjadoon View Post

Right. This is the issue with XMP: it's not meant to be used in a fully stock system, as XMP by definition is overclocked memory. frown.gif They should really put that on the packaging or explain it. I don't think many people realize, stock DDR4 is 2133MHz on Skylake. That is the only frequency that is guaranteed to work.

XMP, now this is insane, is sold as overclocked memory, but it's actually not guaranteed to run at that speed unless, #1 it's on your motherboard's QVL list (with the requisite BIOS update, if you need it) and #2 your CPU is at stock frequency.

I have no idea why this isn't more clear, but it's how we end up with situations like you mates are having.

While this is true so a certain extent, XMP should work without issue on these boards. I myself have been running XMP memory with XMP enabled on my last 3 systems, including the 2 in my sig without issue. In fact, I was running my 32gig of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM @3333MHz on my Gigabyte Z170X Gaming GT board without any issues. I’m now running in manual configuration just as it would be run with XMP enabled; however, where XMP can push certain voltages up such as v-core, manually setting the memory avoids this…. And helps keeps your heat down with less voltage.

Basically all you need to set when doing it manually is RAM speed, timings (CAS, tRCD, tRP, Cycle Time (tRAS), Command Rate), and voltage. So for example if your memory speed is 3333MHz, your timings 16, 18, 18, 36, 2T, and the voltage is 1.35V, manually set these in the BIOS and leave XMP disabled. Save BIOS settings and all should be good. You can double check the RAM is running at the speed you selected by running a program like CPU-Z and checking the Memory tab.

And yes, do make sure your board (and CPU) supports the memory speed you're attempting to run, and that you have the latest BIOS for said board. At any rate I know XMP works on my Gigabyte board because I was using it without issue. And I’m not the only one. You just need to make sure you have the latest BIOS.

That said, I think some may be running into issues where they are trying to overclock. Depending on your overclock speed you may also be pushing the memory past it’s rated speed, even at 3333MHz. This is where the memory, CPU, and motherboard have to really work well in an overclocked state. Remember, not all CPU’s overclock the same!!! Intel only guarantees the stated speed, not the overclockability (my word) of the CPU.

The way I look at it, if you're overclocking, XMP should be disabled. If you're not overclocking XMP should work just fine. And of course you could still use XMP in an overclocked state, but there could be stability issues. This is where trial and error comes in.

My two cents.
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Nothing to do with timings. Just crappy BIOS.

Do not overclock CPU. Set XMP Profile to Profile 1. Verify voltages and anything related to RAM and CPU settings are on AUTO in BIOS.

Set VCCIO to 1.14 and let us know what happens. I have some experience dealing with this issue... just curious if this works for you. smile.gif

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Hmmm.... How'd that replacement RAM work out???
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Originally Posted by sygnus21 View Post

Hmmm.... How'd that replacement RAM work out???

It wasn't the RAM. I just did what G.Skill told me (adjust VCCIO) and magically everything is working now. The only issue I now have is my CPU gets to over 90C.... and that's without OCing anything. I suspect old thermal paste. I just purchased Arctic Silver 5. What's your method of applying?
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This memory including GTZB are suppored.
the support list not showing them, we will
update it. you can see tom's review it with G1
as well. have you try each stick? and only
load defaults without any furthur overclocking?
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English, please? No sarcasm implied.
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Originally Posted by cowbawx View Post

English, please? No sarcasm implied.

If you understood who hicookie was you'd be embarrassed. hicookie is a highly respected member of the overclocking community and works closely with Gigabyte and their boards. In fact, some of his profiles are listed in some high end BIOS used by Gigabyte.

And In case you didn't know - OC with a Legend: Hicookie Interview and GIGABYTE's Z170 SOC Force LN2

That said, English may not his native language but I understood clearly what he said. Show some respect!
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My apologies. As I stated, there was no disrespect implied. I did not understand what he meant.
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haha, no worries, yeah, english is not my first or second launguage
I just try what I can help here.

sorry for confusing the memory support list on the website,
our engineer missed to upload this kit and other 32GB set from G.Skill
but they all tested and approved the memory are supported.
we will update the list later.
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