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Hi guys,

I have one of the buggy R9's that has weird graphical glitches when in 2D mode. I heard that it's due to the low idle clocks and want to raise it with MSI Afterburner. I think I setup everything correctly (screenshot here) but GPU-Z is still showing 2D clocks at the low setting of 300/150. Anyone have any idea why it won't stick?

I did contact MSI about this on their forum and they said no bios available, and I have the latest one. They told me to RMA but it's out of warranty. I was able to get Asus GPU tweak II which has "always 3d clocks" mode, but I think running that long-term could be bad for card? Asus GPU tweak (first one) had 2D clocks mode, but it won't work for me. Everytime I try to change 2D clock my computer gets very sluggish and I have to reboot, so maybe not compatible with Win 10 or my gpu

Any advice would be appreciated!