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Help with creating a cheap, barebones HTPC build

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Currently I've got a Raspberry Pi 2 in my basement simultaneously acting as a media center and a media server. As the former it does fantastic, but as the ladder it's somewhat lacking. The main issue lies with the Pi's network speeds -- its built-in 100Mbit/s Ethernet port can't quite keep up with my larger video files. Because of this I want to build a cheap HTPC that'll play every video file I throw at it and serve them at gigabit speeds. Nothing more, nothing less.

I want this system to be as cheap as possible while still satisfying my criteria, so any non-essentials (video cards, disc drives, etc.) can be left out. I also won't need Windows, as I plan on grabbing a distribution of Linux with Kodi as a front-end. Lastly, all my media is on an external HDD, so the only storage I'll need is enough to hold the OS (16-32GB should be plenty). With all this in mind, what are my options here?
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I'm assuming you'll want the smaller the better, i.e. ITX case/mobo since you have the Pi? I would probably go with perhaps something like AMD's 5350 processor and an ITX board (Asus, Asrock, GB, etc) that suits your needs. Probably 8 GB Ram for any sort of future needs as it's cheap enough these days and most lower wattage setups could probably run off a pico PSU as to keep the build small. Some of Silverstone's Sugo/ML-0 series are fairly small but have decent fans to cool everything, anymore info on size/preferences would be able to narrow it down some more. If you wanted to go quite small they have cases like Antec's ISK series. My HTPC is quite a bit bigger but I bought my case with expandability to add more HDD's in the future with ease if need be. thumb.gif
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