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Looking for advice for first water cooling setup

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Hey all!

I've been extremely interested in setting up my first water cooling project and would like some advice from the experts.

My current system is:
Fx-8300 @4.4ghz
Msi 970a-g46
16gigs Kingston HyperX ddr3-1600
Rx 480 @ 1380(1.2v)/2200 (.975v)(currently with an aftermarket cooler, water blocks for the card are "coming soon"
Old Thermaltake element-g case

I'll be replacing the motherboard and the case when I start the project, and hopefully reuse it when I upgrade further to Zen/haswell-b/kaby lake in the future.

My question for all of you is would an all in one kit from say alphacool or someone similar be a good place to start? What case should I consider?

Thanks for the help!
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An AIO kit will get you going for a good value but I am not crazy about them.

Part of the fun of water cooling the PC is getting to choose my own radiator(s), pump, fans, reservoir, coolant, etc. And I can guarantee you that selecting your own fittings for your particular build (rotary, straight, elbows, etc.) will guarantee the best look.

Tube reservoirs are the best, so if you have a problem with drilling your own mounting holes in a case and threading those holes, go for one of the new Fractal or NZXT cases that have pre-drilled holes for tube reservoirs. And the best way to select a case is to plan the loop you want and how you may want to expand it in the future, and to choose a case that you like that works for you.

If you are really comfy with modding (which personally I am not), any serious modder will tell you to get the case you want, and modify it so it works for you.
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Thanks for the feedback and info. I have access to threading tools so making my own holes wouldn't really be an issue, but if I can avoid that route I'll take it every time.

If I were to go with a kit, which is the best value/performance wise?
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The real question is what is your budget for the equipment?
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I was hoping to stay around the 200-250 range if possible.
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I know xspc has a kit and I personally love their photon d5 combo res. They generally are reasonably priced but you can get stuff cheaper second hand. It depends on the route you want to take.
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XSPC kits can't be beat for value, especially of you go with a D5 kit as @eaglesfan398 pointed out. Very good quality components, and the pricing is considerably lower than buying the parts separately.

On the other side of that......I would avoid the Alphacool kits. Their blocks are downright awful.
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The plus about the xspc stuff to is that their res is made of glass preventing staining if you decide to put a colored fluids. If you are looking for fittings I have some spare red ones I could sell you or if you want new ones modmymods has great stuff as well.
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There you go. It's an XSPC Kit. I stayed away from bay reservoirs because I don't like them much. This kit includes the new XSPC Ion pump/reservoir combo which you can easily mount directly to the radiator or to any 120mm fan mount. Radiator included is a dual 120mm which is more than enough to get you started with just cooling the CPU. It will even handle the GPU as well when you decide to add that later down the road, or you can just add an additional 120mm radiator when the time comes.
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Awesome! Thanks for the help/input. I've been leaning towards the xspc kits but wasn't sure. I may end up going that route.
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