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Gigabyte 990 FXA UD3 Rev 1.1, FX6100 Black Edition Overclock

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I built this PC 3 years ago. I have been running at 4.5 GHz for well over a year.
I messed with my BIOS (Award F-9) yesterday, and got a black screen. I had to reset my BIOS to Factory Default.
I can not recall what OC settings that I had, or why I set them there.
myProfile.xml 4k .xml file AMDBenchmark.PNG 197k .PNG file BenchmarkScrShoot.PNG 1916k .PNG file
I have used Rigbuilder to give a description of my PC.
This attachment are most of my current settings: AwardF9BIOSTable.docx 14k .docx file

I play BF4 Multiplayer on these settings at 85 FPS, with CPU Package temp at a solid 41*C, though it crashed last night in game.
I tried the AMD Overdrive utility stress test and my PC failed after about 15 min.
I am getting a new Freesync, 144Hz 1 Ms Monitor tomorrow, so I am trying to sort this out.
I am so rusty at it, I really need some help.
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Are you trying to overclock your CPU, or are you trying to simply get stable settings? When you say the game crashed last night, can you describe the crash a bit better? Do you have your graphics card overclocked as well?
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When my game crashed, I had several white windows, game window, all hopelessly frozen.
I am currently stable, I think at 4.4 GHz, using AMD Overdrive stress test. The first one failed after 15 min.
Using the Overdrive Auto function, I bumped up 100 MHZ, and it did fine. Still need to stress test that.
I have made a .docx Table with my settings on it, so I have a future reference. I have uploaded that information to this forum.
Currently, BF4 multiplayer runs at 41*C solid, at 75 to 80 FPS.( my FPS is capped at 80 with user.cfg) I have an OC GPU, but it is not OVERCLOCKED.
New Monitor arrives tomorrow, want the PC to be ready for it.
Thank you for your interest in my PC issue.
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Hi, and welcome aboard.

We cannot see your Rigbuilder, but could you give us some more information regarding your system? Power supply, graphics card, RAM, and cooling solution?

You're going to want to do all the overclocking via BIOS, not the Overdrive utility.

Depending on your method of cooling, you could expect to get a solid 4.2-4.4 out of that chip at very manageable temps and voltages.

Try this:

enter BIOS, set to optimized defaults
go to advanced frequency settings
Go to advanced cpu core features
CPU clock ratio to 22
cool & quiet, c1e support, c6 state, APM disabled
HPC mode enabled
go to advanced voltage settings
CPU vcore to 1.45v
vcore loadline calibration to medium

download IBT AVX http://www.overclock.net/attachments/13202
and hwinfo64. Run IBT on very high, monitor temperatures.
Pass? Lower voltage, run again.
Fail? Raise voltage, run again, monitor temps.
Lil' Roy Taylor
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Lil' Roy Taylor
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p4inkill3r knows what he's talking about, so I'd follow all of his advice. The part about monitoring temperatures is also very important. It's important to look at the voltage and temps when running the stress tests to see what's happening.
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LOL, I spent over an hour on Rig Build, I hope It works.
650 w PSU, Sapphire 7850 not OC, 16 gb DDR3, Dual Channel, not oc, FX 6100 Black Ed, Gigabyte 990 FXA UD3 Rev 1.1, Award F-9, AwardF9BIOSTable.docx 14k .docx file These are my current settings.
There is new info in p4inkill3r's answer , I will try those settings
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Cant find advanced freq setting, Ram to XMP, or HPC mode, everything else done and will test as requested....
and, Thank You for your effort!
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