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Hello everyone, I want to overhaul this thread asap and make it more a guide/informational thread because I don't see one anywhere and opinions matter

So with hard drives we have two nice features with SATA. AAM and APM

APM is Advanced Power Management. From what I understand it is supposed to when enabled save power but from what I hear, it dramatically increases load cycle counts and spin cycle counts, which kills drives. Now I don't know how much faster it kills drives and how big the savings are worth and as far as I understand, there's probably a situation to use APM and a situation to not use APM. Can some describe this please?

Second is AAM which has something to do with Acoustic Management. I know its supposed to reduce seek velocity to reduce drive noise but can cost random read throughput and increase response time. So I assume this has again a situation to use and a situation to not but I assume it is grandmas laptop = Quiet and high performance rig = performance or disabled

What is the difference of AAM being in performance mode and disabled?

I have lots of computers and laptops and want to set these in the best configuration. Suggestion, comments and input are needed

Thankyou all!!!