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I also did some light overclocking, the GPU is pretty stable so far, but I've still got more testing to do on the CPU.

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Looks really good!

btw, how did you connect the Reservoir and the Pump?

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The far right tube that drops down feeds the pump. Then I used two 90 degree fittings and a M to M extension to connect the 90's
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Update 08/02/2016

I finally got the nickel cold plate for my CPU block so I took the day to try out my drain system which btw, works like a dream! Almost every drop of coolant drains out which makes life much easier!

I got the CPU block removed and swapped the cold plates.

While I was in there I decided it would be a great time to redo some of the bends I wasn't happy with. For example, the CPU to res tube was kind of funky so I got the new one lined up perfect. I also did the top rad to CPU and the GPU to rad tubes to get the 90 degree bends cleaner. Overall I'm happy the way they turned out. However, I don't think I cleaned the tubes good enough because it sounds like there is a plastic burr or something bouncing around in the pump... *** lol looks like I get to use my drain again later tonight!

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This build is mint and money all rolled into one...however when i look at it I can't help but hear a clicking noise! On a scale of 1-10 with 4 being the best and 10 being pretty not bad I totally give this build a A+.
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Looks even better thumb.gif
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I figured out why my RGB controllers weren't working... They use DC power... not AC lol. I can't believe it took me that long to realize I was using an AC wall adapter... Anyways, I also bought some UV LED strips, they should be here next week. I might not use them though. These RGB strips I have put out a fair amount of UV light. My coolant reacts pretty well!

I also finally got around to changing the power LED and HDD LED on the case to green ones so they'd match the theme.

So that just about wraps this build up. I might try some other coolants later but I'm going to be starting on a budget build for my 5 year old here soon. I've already got a gtx 970 and an ASUS sabertooth fx990 motherboard squared away. He's currently running an ancient system with a 6600gt paired with an old Athlon64 cpu haha should be fun!
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Awesome work! The green power LED is a nice touch. thumb.gif
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That coolant is sweet lookin!

That's a great idea on the LED placement. I ran into issues with no space on the top or back to fit the strips because of the radiator.
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Love this build!

Out of curiosity, any particular reason you swapped copper CPU coldplate for nickel?
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