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I've run a number of games, benchmarks, and madVR on my laptop with the titular GPUs, and I've come to the conclusion that the integrated Intel is faster than the discrete AMD. I even installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 to bypass bloatware, installed the latest drivers, and the laptop is pretty bare of software in general. I used the Radeon Settings program to set which GPU is used, making sure the correct GPU was showing up inside games, and all power options are disabled while the laptop is plugged in. As far as I can tell, nothing is overheating....

I just have to wonder... why on god's green earth did my laptop manufacturer add a discrete card when the integrated is better in almost every scenario? Basically there's a small number of scenes in games where the AMD is a tiny bit stronger, but generally speaking there tends to be more performance from the Intel GPU, with areas in games where the integrated Intel gets 60fps while the AMD struggles to maintain 30. I mean... what the bloody hell. Does this seem wrong to anyone else? Is there some trick to getting the AMD GPU working better or something, or was this laptop just designed incredibly poorly?
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