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I just acquired a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. I like the device excluding one glaring issue, the terrible sound that comes from my speakers every time I use right or left click.

I am running Windows 8.1 and prefer to keep it that way.

I was given the device by a family member and was given two keyboards, a Surface Type 2 Cover (I believe) and the Surface Power Cover. After conducting a fresh install I started using the Type 2 Cover. When I right or left click on the trackpad with the Type 2 no sound occurs. However, when I use the Surface Cover the sound occurs.

I have tried:
- Going into the sound settings, Start Navigation is turned off
- Turning off "play sounds while I type" under Touch Keyboard
- Searched and downloaded all updates
- Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers
- Turned off "beep when keys are pressed or accepts" under filter keys

If anyone has discovered a solution for this issue assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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